Stress Relief
Author: Laura
Category: PWP, no redeeming value whatsoever except that it is porn:)
Pairings: Sk/K
Rating: Adult, slash, language and sex;)
Warnings: Slash
Notes: Sometime after Sleepless and before Duane Barry. Thank you Bertina for the beta and wonderful suggestions.

For AmazonX on her birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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"This whole conference has been a fucking waste of time!" Alex Krycek stomped in to his hotel suite at the Grand Hilton and slammed the door to find that he'd complained out loud to an empty room." Oh, fuck. Even Skinner isn't here for company," he said as he flopped on the bed, loosening his tie and staring dejectedly at the ceiling.

AD Skinner had dragged him to the conference when he was sidelined pending the OPR investigation after the Cole shooting. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled as he flashbacked to the shooting. Cole had a gun, and he had seen it. Hadn't he? He shook his head to clear the cobwebs surrounding the memory. Mulder had tried to console him but he couldn't shake the feeling he was being lied to by his bosses.

The elders had not been pleased both about Cole's demise at his hands and Alex being taken temporarily out of the field. He had started to make headway, worming his way into Mulder's tight circle of confidants when this had happened. He didn't mind so much spending the extra time with Skinner; the one shining spot in this whole inane assignment was working for the delectable Walter Skinner. Alex had hoped to get a chance to know Skinner better while they were here but he had spent the day in endless meetings and lectures being bored out of his brilliant mind. And Skinner had just disappeared early on in the afternoon.

Alex had thought his luck was changing when the hotel had inadvertently assigned them the same room instead of separate suites. With no other vacancies, they would either have to move to another hotel or share. The conference was being held at this hotel and Skinner, always concerned with budget, had decided it would be too much of an inconvenience to move. They were both adults and it would save on the expense account.

At the time, Alex had rejoiced in his good fortune. He would have lots of opportunities to ogle the AD's broad shoulders, long legs and tight ass at close range. He had even started taking mental bets with himself about whether Skinner was a tighty whitey or a boxer man. But if the man kept disappearing, he might never get the chance to find out.

It was then that he noticed the quiet sound of water hitting tile. Glancing over, he saw the bathroom door was shut, confirming the likely whereabouts of his favorite AD. Alex paced around the room with nothing to do but wait for Skinner to come out, hopefully in a skimpy towel not a stodgy old robe. His ever-imaginative mind supplied him with a picture of Skinner in the shower. Ripples of water cascading over his skin...running down his toned, naked body, mingling with the shower suds...Alex shook his head and snapped out of his reverie when he realized his body was enjoying the image too much and it might not look too good to be caught with a raging hard-on tenting his slacks.

But what the hell, Alex thought, suddenly feeling very mischievous... Skinner probably wouldn't cooperate, but he was willing to take that chance. At the very least, he'd live long enough to have seen Skinner in the shower. With wicked determination written all over his face, he slipped towards the bathroom, stripping as he did so. Although the door was shut, it wasn't locked. Cheeky smirk firmly plastered on face, Alex marched in.

Skinner sighed as he stood under the strong pulse of the shower. The hot spray on his skin melted another ache away. Ahhh...He felt as though he was going to fall asleep if he got any more relaxed. His lazy thoughts randomly turned to his traveling companion. He absently wondered where Krycek had being all morning. He didn't recall seeing, or hearing for that matter, Krycek once so far. Probably out sashaying his plump bottom in front of everyone that caught his eye, he thought. He had noticed the first time the junior agent had walked into his office, or actually as he had walked out. The off the rack suits that would be unflattering on most, couldn't hide the delicious body underneath. He and Agent Mulder had shared a brief but knowing smile when they caught each other watching the way Krycek's ass had moved enticingly out the door.

He sprang to full awareness when the shower curtain was suddenly whipped aside. His instinctive reflexes made him reach for a gun that was nowhere near. Realizing there was no gun to grab, he mindlessly reached for the nearest thing to threaten the intruder with, which happened to be the bottle of lavender shower gel. Before his hand came into contact with the plastic container, he realized the stupidity of the move. He finally turned to see who it was that had dared interrupt his shower, and his eyes widened in complete shock when he saw Krycek standing there wearing nothing but a wide grin upon his face. Krycek clambered into the shower with Skinner and whipped the shower curtain back into place while Skinner stood, jaw open but no words issuing out of his mouth.

"Krycek!" Skinner exploded finally, "What the hell do you think you're doing in here? Unless you can't see, I'm trying to take a shower!" He seemed to get over his shock, which was now replaced with annoyance, anger and the littlest hint of panic. Fantasies were one thing, getting involved with a subordinate was different.

"I know. According to Dr. Johansen in the lecture this morning, stress relief for FBI agents is a good thing...thought that you could do with a hand."

The cheeky smirk still on Alex's face, Skinner made a noise that sounded like an indignant splutter.


Skinner was going to personally kick the junior agent out of the shower, when a slight brush of Krycek's hand on his behind made his body freeze to better feel the sensation. The contact felt good, and he briefly closed his eyes at the sensation, sighing when it continued to the top of his thigh. Suddenly coming back to his senses, he opened his eyes to level a glare at Krycek for his blatant behavior.

Alex cocked his head in a charming if not boyish gesture. It looked as though Skinner could be swayed. Hey, at least he was still alive. If he'd have known sooner this might have worked, he would have barged into Skinner's shower long ago. Anyway, it was either this, or sit around with nothing to do. Alex gleefully decided to go with the former idea.

Skinner started to worry. Did Krycek actually realize all those times that he had watched him? Had admired him from afar, confused at his own behavior and attraction to a subordinate? He was fairly sure that he hadn't been obvious in his subtle actions... He himself had never seen the slightest hint that Krycek was interested. He must be though; otherwise he wouldn't be in the shower with him now, right? He didn't know. He couldn't work it out. Then again, it was very hard when the person he was so confused about was currently stoking his back and slowly rubbing his body against his own.

"Agent Krycek, what are you doing?"

Skinner peered into Krycek's big green eyes. He saw confusion, lust, questions and desire...for him?

"Enjoying myself," Alex replied bluntly. He couldn’t miss Skinner's somewhat confused expression. "Doing something I've wanted to do for a while," he added quietly, dipping his head down, veiling his eyes behind thick long lashes.

Alex looked down, slightly worried now. Hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. The fact he was naked didn't help right now. It was kind of embarrassing and humiliating. Alex waited for the hell that would be let loose after his confession. Reality had struck, and he had no idea what he was doing here, and for what purpose. An awful tense silence settled between the two. He started playing with his hair, something he rarely did but the humidity of the shower had overpowered his hair gel, leaving his longish locks falling all over his face. The only sound in the bathroom was the sound of the powerful spray of the shower. Why wasn't Skinner shouting at him? Kicking him out of the shower?

Alex gasped at the incredible silkiness of Skinner's mouth. Eyes that had flown open in shock slowly closed as he gave in to the kiss. Skinner had gently cupped his face in both of his hands and seized his lips in the most gentle, sweet kiss Alex had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Skinner gently kissed Krycek, planting slow, little kisses all along his full kewpie doll lips, thumbs lightly stroking his face. When he reached the corner of Krycek's mouth, he traced the slick underside of Krycek's full bottom lip with his tongue and explored Krycek thoroughly when he opened his mouth to allow Skinner better access.

Alex didn't know what on earth had happened to lead up to the sensual kiss he was currently enjoying. His knees started to give way as the kiss totally took away any ability to stand. Strong arms enveloped him as the big hands that were stroking his face and neck slipped down to hold him.

After what seemed like an eternity of utter bliss, Skinner reluctantly ended their kiss with the small butterfly kisses he'd started out with. He continued to firmly hold Krycek to his body with one hand while the other reached up to cup Krycek's cheek again. This time, he brushed his thumb across Krycek's swollen, red lips continuously.

"Agent...Alex, why didn't you say anything earlier?" Walter asked, turned on by watching his thumb rub Alex's lips that were flushed and swollen with arousal. "If I had known you felt this way...I...I would have..."

"I...I ah...I..." Alex was having trouble concentrating, enjoying the calloused thumb teasing him. His lips were tingling intensely with Skinner's caresses, the slightest brush over his lips sending shivers of pleasure racing through his body. "I...I didn't know, Skinner," he said, suddenly shy and unsure, a blush was slowly covering his body from head to toe and it wasn't just from arousal.

"Walter. You might want to call me Walter when we're alone, Alex."

Alex opened his eyes to see Skinner gazing contentedly at him. He had stopped rubbing his lips, allowing Alex to remember to breathe again. His lips were ultra sensitized now. He was sure he could still feel Skinner moving his thumb across them.


Skinner looked up from studying Alex, and looked into his uncertain green eyes.


Seeing the unspoken question in Alex's eyes, Skinner paused for a short while, a contemplating, serious expression on his face. He waited just long enough to tease and then grinned.

"Thought you came in here to give me a hand? I think I might need it."

Skinner moved his hips in a slow roll, pushing his erection against Alex's to emphasize his point. Alex groaned at the contact, eyes sliding shut as he ground his hips against Skinner's, wanting more of that delightful friction. Skinner smirked again, as he pulled away from Alex to lean against the wet tiled wall.

Alex's eyes popped open, when the warm arms and the firm body were gone. He looked up to see Skinner casually leaning against the opposite wall of the shower, where only the tips of the spray reached him. He looked absolutely divine...His entire body was slick with water, the light of the bathroom striking the pearl like drops, making the heavy muscular form glisten. One knee was slightly bent, as Skinner rested his foot slightly above his ankle against the wall of the shower. Arms were crossed over his hairy chest, and an infuriatingly sexy smile adorned his face. Alex looked into Skinner's eyes, unexpectedly seeing lust and playfulness. Alex smiled a heartfelt smile. Life couldn't be better. He wasn't expecting a 'love you forever and ever' deal, but he wasn't going to give up what was offered right here and now.

Sensing the playful atmosphere, Alex reached up to pluck some shower gel from the curtain rail, and started to make his way over to the wet dream. Stopping in his tracks while he squeezed a generous amount into his palm, he tossed the plastic container over his shoulder. Looking back up, Alex found intense brown eyes were fixed on him. Sensing movement, Alex looked down to see Skinner uncrossing his arms. One of his hands was trailing down his body. One slender finger slowly snaking it's way down. Alex watched, transfixed as Skinner's hand reached his groin and he slowly touched himself. Alex's erection pulsed as a shudder shot through him. Tearing his eyes away from the utterly erotic sight of Skinner, Walter Skinner, super AD pleasuring himself. He firmly locked gazes with said AD, sidling over and working the gel into a foamy lather.

Alex huskily murmured, "Want a hand, do you?"

As he approached Skinner, he reached out for the broad, muscled shoulders and massaged in the bubbly mass. He ran his soapy hands all over Skinner's torso, arms and chest and as he smoothed his hands round to rub Skinner's back. Krycek rubbed his body against Skinner's soapy front, loving the feel of the soapy hairs caressing his chest.

Skinner had closed his eyes, enjoying the younger man's ministrations. He rested his head against the wall, baring the sensual curve of his neck to Alex who started to kiss and suck at it. The salty skin under Alex's tongue was baby soft, and to his delight, extremely sensitive.


As he kissed at Skinner's neck and collarbone, Alex's hip grazed Skinner's large erection fleetingly, causing him to catch his breath in exclamation. Continuing to bathe him, Alex spread the cleansing foam around to Skinner's tight well-formed ass.

Wanting to touch the person he'd craved for some time now, Skinner brought his arms to glide over Alex's shoulders and back. What Alex was doing to him felt incredibly good, and somehow both relaxing and arousing. Stretching up to the curtain rail, he grabbed a bottle of shower gel hooked on it and squirted a dollop into his hand. Returning the favor, he cleansed the slick expanse of Alex's body. Occasional giggles and gasps were emitted as both men contended to cover the other in bubbles and hit upon sensitive and ticklish spots. Covered with suds, Skinner pushed his body against Alex's, forcing him to back up into the hot spray of the shower. Moaning at the rub of their arousals as they wobbled backwards, Alex stepped back into the flow of water.

As the powerful gush of water carried the froth of soap away from the junior agent's soft warm flesh, Skinner leant forward to languidly kiss and stroke at Alex's face and neck. He was rewarded by Alex pulling him closer. Alex's breathless sighs of pleasure were broken by Skinner's sudden gasp as he felt Alex wrap his fingers around the nearly painful ache of his erection.


Stopping at his kisses, Skinner eyes slid shut to just feel, his head falling onto Alex's shoulder. Alex's touch was intense, and the slow but firm strokes on Skinner's arousal felt so good. The sweet ache intensified, and left Skinner groaning as pleasure throbbed through his body.

"Want you..."

"Want you too. Want you in me now."

"Alex, I don't have anything to prep you with. It'll hurt."

Forcing himself to stop being carried away with the sensations that Alex was causing, Skinner looked about the bathroom in dismay. Alex followed his gaze, looking around the steam filled room. Eyes landing on the cabinet, he remembered something, and pulled away from Skinner to dash over to it, wringing a disappointed moan from him. Opening the mirrored doors, he reached to the top shelf and retrieved the small tube of lubrication he had placed there a while ago. Breaking the seal of the tube, he stepped back into the warmth of the shower.

"Alex, since when did we have lube in our bathroom?"

"Huh? Oh, some guy gave it to me in one of our meetings. His idea of an invite, I guess. Wasn't my type though."

Skinner raised an eyebrow, and didn't question the issue further. Coming forward, he crushed his body to Alex's. He whispered his fingers up the younger man's back, until they hovered at the nape of Alex's neck. Slowly, running a single finger into the slight dip, he traced Alex's spine. Groaning in reply to the delicious strained sounds Alex was making, he followed the curve of the spine to the base of his back, lingering at and teasing just above the swell of the plush buttocks.

Spreading his legs wide and pushing his ass up against Skinner's hand, Alex groaned out instructions, "Do it, Walter."

Pushing the boy slightly out of the water so his efforts wouldn't be wasted, Skinner squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before smearing it onto Alex's warm, puckered entrance. He clutched at Skinner's upper arms as he felt a long finger gently push the cold lubricant into him, and work to coat and spread it inside him. His mind was totally focused on the feeling of Skinner's thick finger slowly sliding in and out of him. Moaning loudly, it wasn't long till Skinner could easily thrust another finger into him. Alex was being driven crazy as Skinner purposely grazed his prostate.

Trembling on the edge, he was crying out, desperately trying to stay standing. Skinner's aching cock reminded him that his patience was wearing thin. Removing his fingers, he liberally coated his erect penis, throwing the tube of lubricant randomly out of the shower. Turning, he roughly kissed Alex, hungrily sweeping his tongue in the silky interior of his mouth. Giving a startled cry into Skinner's mouth, Alex realized the quick motion resulted in him being pinned against the tiled wall, his legs and arms wrapped tightly around Skinner - his only means of support besides Skinner holding him. Before he'd barely registered that he had being lifted, his entire body sang in joy as Skinner pulled him onto his erection in one smooth, slick motion. He felt himself being stretched open to accommodate Skinner's length. Crying out as Skinner's erection pushed against his magic spot, he was thankful that Skinner was currently panting against him, seated fully inside him immobile, giving him time to adjust.

"Ahhh...Feels so good..."

Skinner moaned loudly. He was certainly inclined to agree as he calmed himself from the sensation that entering the sinfully tight ass had caused. Trying to ground himself, he attempted to take his mind off Alex's velvety walls snugly gripping his dick, but to no avail. He automatically rocked his hips gently against Alex, causing another round of moans and gasps. His own groan joined the sounds while his face was buried against the junction of Alex's neck and shoulder.


Alex could only answer with inarticulate cries of ecstasy and pleasure. The incredible sensations running rampant through him were overwhelming, and his soul focus was on the stroke of Skinner's erection deep within him. The rhythmic undulating motion of Skinner's lower body pushed his arousal up against the taut abdominal muscles, adding to the sensations of Skinner's strong, deep thrusts. The delicious two-way rub caused Alex to moan his appreciation as he clung onto Skinner's sturdy, large frame.

Skinner increased his pace, as the urgency to reach climax became even greater. Alex's groans drove him higher as he continued to pull himself out and then plunge back in. The shower ran over them unheeded as the two figures in the tub writhed against each other, crying out in need.

"Walter... Harder, please!"

Upon hearing that, Skinner increased his thrusting up another notch, slamming himself in and out of the boy. The increase in Skinner's actions made Alex scream out as he felt dangerously close to coming. Crying out incoherently, he pushed himself harder against and onto Skinner, and moaned loudly as he was thrown into climax. His orgasm pulsed through him, sending powerful waves of fulfilling pleasure through him as he came on Skinner's chest.

After Alex's climax, Skinner knew he couldn't last much longer. Desperation to come made him drive harshly into Alex, and as Alex's tight rear dragged his orgasm out of him, he groaned out in rapture as he felt his release.

Moments passed as both continued to cling onto the other, breathing ragged gasps of air, recovering as the shower continued to flick droplets of water over the two adjoined bodies.


He could only slur out a response. His body was practically humming with gratification. Both of them moaned as Skinner pulled himself out. Stumbling to the spray of the shower, they both were rinsed off by the barely warm rush of water. Still holding each other, neither spoke. They each just relished the aftermath and calm they felt after their activities.

Moments passed as neither made a movement. Turning his head inward towards Skinner's neck, Alex muttered against the warm flesh.

"We better get out of here, the water's getting cold."

Skinner smiled. A sweet little contented smile that warmed Alex. Turning the water off, Skinner pulled Alex out of the shower. He reached over to the radiator, and pulled off a huge, cream colored, soft, fluffy towel. Pulling the younger man along behind him, he walked, dripping water all over the floor, into the adjoining bedroom. Pushing Alex to sit on his bed, Skinner sat behind him, opening his legs enough to accommodate Alex between them. He grabbed the edges of the towel and wrapped them both in it, using one hand to gently stroke Alex's skin dry. There was an air of mellow calm and contentment as they sat drying off.

Alex thoughts turned dark. He wished things were different. A quick fuck was one thing, but sitting here between Skinner's legs, basking in the warm afterglow, Alex could almost imagine it was real. That they were simply a couple in love. He wished he could confide in Walter about the smoking bastard that held his leash.

"You always relieve stress like that?" Skinner asked, shaking Alex out of his dark thoughts.

"You complaining about my method of unwinding?" Alex giggled and hoped Skinner wouldn't notice the underlining melancholy to his voice. It sounded loud to his ears.

Skinner let go of one end of the towel, choosing to brush his fingers over Alex's warm skin. He could get used to this. Wanted to get used to this. Lusting after Alex for so long couldn't compare to the reality of having him in his arms. Walter wanted more than anything to take the troubled look from Alex's eyes. He noticed the sadness that had crept into Alex's husky voice and wondered what someone so young could be haunted about.

Deciding Alex would tell him when he was ready; Skinner stroked his hand down the smooth slightly muscular chest, pausing to lightly trace Alex's nipples. "Not at all. In fact, if you're willing, I think I'm starting to feel tense again."

The End