Author: Laura
Pairing: M/SK/K
Rating: Adult

Status: Sequel to Jake's Story, part of Adamas universe

Warnings: mm slash, a little angst, lots of Christmas schmoop, definitely AU

Summary: A Christmas story

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Notes: Thank you, Bertina for the beta. And Merry Christmas to my list-sibs.

Come away, boys and girls. Just a dream about a different world. And together, we will find, a better way. ~~ Mike Younger, "Together"

Mulder's POV

It was with great anticipation that I first set out into the throngs of holiday shoppers. I've never really done the whole holiday shopping until this year. Scully and I exchanged small tokens of affection, but I didn't actually shop, it was more picking up something that would catch my eye. When I was with Phoebe, we would spend our Christmases at some ski resort with pseudo friends pretending we were above it all. And with Diana, well let’s not go there.

I naively believed it would be fun searching for gifts for my lovers they would not normally buy for themselves. We all had pretty much everything we needed, but there was always something, some little thing Walter or Alex would simply put off purchasing for themselves. Plus, I had William to shower with gifts not only would he enjoy, but would also annoy Scully.

After my first foray into shopping with the masses, I resolutely decided it would be my last. How do people do this year after year? Next year I would do all my shopping on the Internet.

It was with this prevailing feeling of dread that made me refuse to take Alex shopping when he asked a week after we had decorated our Christmas tree. I didn't want to go back out, but I offered to take a list and pick up the things Alex wanted to buy. Alex only mentioned one item; a present for Walter from the two of us. It was an excellent idea, and being a specialized as it was, I would not have to make more than one trip.

The other reason I didn't want to take Alex shopping was Alex's inability to handle crowds. We found this little nugget of information at Thanksgiving.

Everything had been planned carefully, with the military anal retentiveness of an ex-marine. Alex and I pitched into help Walter prepare a Thanksgiving feast fit for royalty, or at least our friends and family.

I invited Scully and William. I was looking forward to seeing my son happily gnawing away at a turkey leg. His one little front tooth doing all the work. Scully had warned me not to try feed Will anything except mashed potatoes and vegetables, but there are ways around Scully. My son was getting a turkey leg.

Scully asked if her mother, Maggie, could join us. The more the merrier I thought. Maggie treated Walter, Alex and I like her sons. She never acted resentful that Scully and I had a child but never crossed over into romance and marriage. I think Maggie was just thankful to have her William in her life. Maggie welcomed us into her family and mothered us constantly, even Walter. She was used to ruling over military men and could handle Walter with ease.

It wasn't easy though. Scully had told Maggie about Alex's involvement in Melissa's death. Of course she was deeply hurt, especially knowing we were all sharing a home together. But Maggie Scully has a great capacity for forgiveness, and after many tears of pain and disbelief; she came to accept Alex into her life as well as ours. She was soon spoiling Alex rotten.

Walter called his sister in Texas, they couldn't make it on short notice but promised to try and make a visit by Christmas. His sister was all the family he had left, so he naturally was disappointed. They had shared a long conversation over the phone about Walter and his chosen lifestyle. His sister was very accepting and passed no judgment. Walter had told us there would be no problem with his sister about us, but it was hard to believe his sister didn't have a problem with her older brother suddenly living with two men.

The Lone Gunmen accepted my invitation and were soon recruited by Walter for extra drinks and desserts. Frohike declared he made a scrumptious pumpkin pie. The image of Frohike in a frilly apron with oven mitts slaving away over a hot oven baking dessert gave me a moment of pause. I decided to let it go and let the tasting be the judge and tried my best to shake the unwanted mental image.

Alex doesn't have any family that we are aware of. He simply said we were all the family he needed.

Alex has developed the knack of spewing forth sentimental idioms that would make a greeting card company proud. And, at the exact moment, to make Walter and I stop dead in our tracks and re-evaluate our perceptions of our world. It also makes us love him even more, if that is possible. Alex's innocent way of perceiving the world around him, seems at one moment childlike and the next very worldly and wise. Without conscious thought, he continues to remind us daily in small subtle actions and words, not to take our happiness for granted.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and our home was soon filled with the sounds of laughter and the delicious aromas of our awaiting banquet. Walter had gotten up earlier than usual to start cooking. Alex and I tried our best to lure him back into bed. Walter ignored our advances and told us to shower but promised us a little recreation later. Momentarily disappointed, Alex and I headed off to take a shower. Together. That took the edge off.

Walter had a list with times to start on each individual dish, so everything would be finished at the appropriate time. Alex and I were relegated to making snacks for the guests, but even the hor'derves had a sequence to be prepared in. Walter didn't like my suggestion of corn chips in a bowl with bean dip on the side, which in my mind was the choice snack for football watching.

The whole gang filtered in slowly throughout the day. The Gunmen brought in sodas, beer and wine. I was little surprised at the wine they had chosen until Walter announced one would go perfect with the dinner and the other would be perfect for after. Frohike proved once again he had more layers than just his clothing.

Byers was immaculately dressed until Jake decided to greet him. Jake seems to be able to pick out who ever doesn't want dog hair all over them to shed on before moving on to his next victim. Byers didn't blink an eye or act upset at Jake's attention. He squatted down and gave Jake a nice full body ruffle, which Jake lapped up like he was starved for affection.

Langly and Alex promptly took possession of the TV to play a new video game Langly had brought with him. Walter walked over and whispered something in Alex's ear, causing his hand to instinctively go behind him and protect his backside. The next words out I heard from Alex, he was telling Langly they would have to end the game by noon.

By three o'clock dinner was served. Walter had out done himself. I wrapped my arms around him and told him I would never question the ways he did things from now on. Walter gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and said he hoped that day would never come.

I didn't notice Alex's reaction until Maggie stopped talking mid sentence. She leaned in and whispered that something was wrong with Alex. I looked over at my younger lover; he had stopped eating and was sitting with his arm wrapped around his body like he was cold. Alex's head hung down, his hair falling forward and obscuring most his face, but I could see his eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

Trying not to draw everyone's attention to Alex, I quietly pushed away from the table and carefully approached his chair. Jake was on the floor nestled against Alex's feet and resting his head against Alex's calf. Jake didn't move from his protective position, but his dark brown eyes tracked my movements.

I heard Walter halt his story about holidays on the farm he was telling Scully. I spared a quick glance in his direction and pleaded with my eyes for him to let me handle the situation. A barely perceptible nod from Walter gave me the go ahead and I started to kneel beside Alex's chair.

Alex never uttered a word or sound. He threw himself into my arms, almost knocking me down. I tried to ignore the questioning eyes boring into us and rose to my feet, pulling Alex up with me. Alex was trembling from head to foot and it felt like he was trying to crawl under my skin. I hugged him tightly and whispered nonsensical words in his ear that had no effect.

I placed my arm around his waist and guided him from the room casting a quick glance over my shoulder towards Walter. Neither of us had ever seen Alex react this way. I had no clue as to what was going on. From the look on Walter's face, he wanted to jump up and help me. I mouthed to him to give me a minute.

Half carrying him, I managed to maneuver Alex up the stairs very slowly. Alex's head was buried in my chest and his arms were gripping me with an almost bruising strength. Jake was following right behind us at his own shuffling pace, taking the staircase one step at a time.

I put Alex in our bed, tucking the covers up around his shoulders. He rolled over on his side and curled up into a fetal position. I reached down and picked Jake up and placed him along side Alex. Jake was walking pretty well, but jumping up on the bed was still a long ways off and I knew Alex would want his best friend's comforting presence. Alex's arm immediately snaked out from beneath the covers and around Jake pulling him closer.

Alex buried his face in Jake's neck and I started rubbing circles on Alex's back trying to calm him down. His trembling had not subsided and I knew it wasn't from being cold, but Alex didn't react to my caress and I felt a kernel of fear start to settle in my gut. I stretched out beside him and started carding my fingers through his hair. Still no reaction, it was if Alex had retreated into another world.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked but Alex still didn't respond. I was at a loss. I needed Walter. Alex needed Walter. But I didn't dare leave Alex alone in the state he was in to go back downstairs and get Walter.

Walter's POV

All eyes were glued to Fox as he partially carried Alex from the room. Maggie went to get up and follow them. I put a restraining hand on her arm.

"I'll go. Everyone, please finish your dinner. Fox and I will take care of Alex." Even I could hear the hesitation in my voice and I knew I was trying to reassure myself as much as the others. "Everything will be all right."

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you, Walter?" Dana asked. I was warmed by her offer, but Fox and I were the only ones who could effectively deal with Alex.

"Thank you, Dana, but no," I said. "Fox and I can handle this, but I'll come get you if I think we need your help."

I took the stairs two at a time. I found my boys in our bedroom curled up in the middle of the bed. Fox looked up at me when I entered the room, but Alex remained hidden beneath the covers and Jake's neck. It would have been a sweet picture any other time.

Times like these are hard when it's slammed home that Alex is damaged and will always have problems. It is easy to forget. His seizures have all but disappeared and Alex has returned to the graceful creature he was before the shooting. Alex has even helped Fox with his novels, both as a sounding board and part-time editor. After seeing Alex's artwork, Fox asked him to design the cover for the first book. I was so proud to see them working together.

I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Alex's hair. It was getting longer but the look was good on him. I'm still unsure if he just finally calmed down or if it was Fox and mine's presence, but Alex sighed and blinked his eyes open.

"What happened? Why am I in bed? Did I have a seizure?" Alex asked softly. Fox and I looked at each other.

"No, Alex. You didn't have a seizure. We're not sure what happened. I was hoping you could tell us," I said and I brushed the hair out of his face.

"The last thing I remember was sitting down to eat, then there were a lot of voices and they kept getting louder and louder."

"How do you feel now?" Fox asked.

"A little tired and queasy. Can I take a nap?" Alex's eyes were already drifting shut.

"Sure honey. Do you want one or both of us to stay?"

"No, but can Jake stay?"

"Of course. Just go to sleep. Fox or I will be up later to check on you. Okay?"


Fox and I kissed Alex and then quietly left the bedroom. We were still at a loss as to what exactly had happened. We joined our guests, explaining what little we knew.

"Mulder, do you think it could have been a panic attack?" Dana asked.

"I don't know. He's never had one before and you would think I would recognize the symptoms. But it makes sense."

"Fox, you're too close to the situation. If it had been anyone but Alex, you would have seen the signs." Maggie suggested. It made sense but it still bothered me that neither Fox or I had noticed anything was wrong.


Mulder's POV

"Fox?" Alex asked from the doorway to my office. I didn't have to look to know he was not alone. His ever-present shadow would be dutifully standing at his feet. Jake never left Alex's side, except when we went somewhere that didn't allow service dogs.

"What?" I asked, while I pounded away at the keyboard. The idea for the third book had gripped me suddenly one evening right after Thanksgiving. The second one was not finished yet, but I had started the third, thinking I would work on them simultaneously.

When Alex didn't answer, I stopped typing and spun my chair to face him. Alex's whole disposition reeked with nervousness. I held out my hand, beckoning him to join me. He shuffled over and sat on my lap. I hugged him tightly, hoping to reassure him, whatever it was it couldn't be too bad.

"Alex, what is it?"

"Are we going to celebrate Christmas?" he asked from where he was buried against my chest.

The question took me back. Walter and I had discussed Christmas at length the day after Thanksgiving. We decided to keep our first Christmas together a smaller affair. Walter even called his sister, telling her it wouldn't be a good idea for them to join us this year. He was disappointed that he wouldn't get to see her, but we didn't want any undue stress for Alex. I realized we might have discussed it together, but had forgotten to include Alex in on the decision.

"Of course we're going to have Christmas. Why wouldn't we?"

"Well, you and Walter haven't said anything and we don't even have a tree."


When Walter arrived home, Alex and I already had our coats on, ready to go and pick out our tree. Walter looked at me questioningly.

"Alex thought it was about time to get a tree. Don't you think that's a good idea, Walter?"

"It's a great idea," Walter said catching on quickly, as he tossed his keys in the air and headed back out the door.

"Can Jake come with us?" Alex asked.

"No." Walter paused in his ascent down the porch steps. "We might be gone a while and it's getting colder. He would have to stay in the truck and you know I won't allow that, Alex."

Alex knelt down and embraced his best friend. Since the accident, Alex never left Jake unless he had first hugged him goodbye first. It had taken a long time for Alex to leave the house without Jake. He never said anything, but I think Alex never got over almost losing Jake.

We piled into Walter's SUV and headed out to look at trees. I never dreamed tree shopping would turn into an ordeal, but after the third lot, I was growing bored and just wanted to find a tree and go home. Walter suggested going to a tree farm and cutting our own. I thought that was a little much, it wasn't as if we lived in a cabin, besides, there were plenty of trees all ready sacrificed and I didn't like the idea of adding one more to the pile of discarded trees after Christmas. The idea of an artificial tree was beginning to appeal to me.

Neither Walter nor Alex liked the idea and soon we were trudging through the snow searching for the perfect tree in yet another Christmas tree lot.

"Fox, what do you think of this one?"

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect," I answered, my eyes firmly fixed on something that was definitely not green and twiggy.

It took Alex a moment to register the look on my face. He blinked in surprise, and then mock-glared. "Fox! We are here to check out Christmas trees, not so you can check out my ass!"

"But's such a nice ass."

"He's right; it is a very nice ass," a female voice came from behind me. Alex yelped and spun around as Scully stepped out from behind another rack of trees. Walter followed, carrying a small spruce.

Scully cocked her head and gave Alex (who was currently frozen, open-mouthed, doing his best deer-in-headlights impression) a considering look. "In fact, I think in some ways it's even nicer than yours, Mulder. What do you think, Walter?"

Walter smirked, one hand going up to rub his chin. "Mm. Turn around, Fox. Let me compare them side by side. Well, Alex's rounder. Putting on a little weight, there, Alex?"

"Walter!" I said, remembering the fight we had to get weight on Alex after Jake's accident.

Scully giggled, latched onto Walter's arm and towed him away. "Well, Walter promised to carry my tree to the car, so we'll let you keep looking for yours, hmm? Bye!"

I glared angrily after Walter. How dare he? How can he joke about that? If Alex's upset, I'll...

"Fox?" Alex asked, his voice was hesitant, almost worried.

Oh shit, Walter did upset him...

"Do these pants make my butt look fat?"

I stared at him incredulously for a heartbeat before Alex couldn't hold the worried expression and collapsed in helpless laughter. I walked right into that one, it wasn't often Walter or Alex could pull one off on me. I grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him deeper into the line of trees, kissing the smirk of his face. Alex let out another yelp, when Walter snuck up behind us and popped Alex on the butt.

"Let's find a tree and get home. It's starting to get a little cold," Walter said.

"We can't rush it. It has to be perfect," Alex announced as he bent to check underneath yet another tree that looked remarkably like so many others.

"Alex, they're all basically alike, green and prickly. You know, a lot like you." My comment didn't faze Alex for a moment. He launched into a dissertation on the merits and demerits of various types of Christmas trees: Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine...

"Alex...this is about as interesting as DOT stats," I said at last. This finally brought Alex up short. My comment was meant as a joke, but I had heard the sarcastic tone even as the words left my mouth. Alex turned on the pout and I knew I was in for it. Walter still could not deny the brat anything when he pouted. All I could think about was it was just a damn tree and Alex was making a bigger production of finding one than was necessary.

"Look, I know we are all tired, but this is our first Christmas as a family. Try and be a little more patient, Fox." Walter's voice was stern, but not disappointed. I guess he was growing a little weary of the tree hunt, too. We had been at it for over three hours and it was getting late.

"You know what would make the tree even more special?" Alex asked, his green eyes sparkling with renewed excitement, having already forgotten my comment.

I knew I would regret it, but I couldn't help being drawn in by Alex's enthusiasm once more. "What?"

"A living Christmas tree." Alex was practically bouncing up and down with excitement. I looked over at Walter and shrugged. I didn't dare state the obvious, not in my current mood.

"Alex, we are standing in a tree lot filled with live trees." Walter said patiently.

"No, I mean a living tree. One that we can plant afterwards, that way we will always have a reminder of our first Christmas," Alex said.

I told myself I was not going to cry. As I blinked back the sentimental tears that were stinging the back of my eyes; I looked over at Walter. My big tough lover didn't even try to hide it. The tears were already trickling down his reddened and chapped cheeks.

"That would be perfect," Walter said as he wiped his face on the sleeve of his coat.

Leave it to our young lover to once again remind us how something as innocuous as a Christmas tree could symbolize our love. I bemusedly thought I should really try and get him a job at Hallmark. Alex had their writer's beat hands down.

We loaded up the tree we picked out and then headed back to the house. Jake was excited to see us and spent an inordinate amount of time sniffing the tree. Alex sat Jake down and explained the tree was not for his use. I smiled at that even as Jake's eyes sparkled with understanding.

Walter disappeared into the basement to get the ornaments he had saved from his marriage with Sharon and the ones from his childhood. It didn't take long to decorate the tree with the three of us working on it and soon we were snuggled together on the sofa sipping hot chocolate and watching the lights twinkle.

Walter's POV

I woke to warm breath puffing in my ear. It took a moment to realize both my ears were receiving the same delightful treatment. I let my eyes slide open slowly to adjust to the brightness streaming in the window. We had left the blinds open last night to enjoy the snow cascading down and sparkling off the moonlight. It was magical and romantic and we had leisurely made love late into the night.

I raised my head enough to look at the alarm clock on the table next to our bed. Spiky brown hair highlighted in gold and reds obscured my view, but even without my glasses and being temporarily snow blind, it was enough for me to recognize Fox was on my right. As if on cue, my left side got a little warmer as Alex snuggled closer.

The alarm clock flashed six o'clock. Dana had asked us to be at her home by ten to celebrate Christmas with Maggie, William and her. We had only a couple of hours to shower and open presents before we needed to leave. I was excited about our first Christmas together and I couldn't wait to see the faces of Fox and Alex as they opened their presents. Neither of them had memorable Christmases, and I had hoped to make sure our first would never be forgotten.

There was no way to extract my body without waking Fox and Alex. I wanted to go downstairs and start coffee and give them a few extra minutes of sleep. I slipped my arms out from underneath them and slowly pulled the blanket off their warm bodies. The air in the bedroom was not cool, but they both immediately moved in closer to my warmth. I took a moment to admire the sexy round butts presented for my viewing before I let my palms fall down with a resounding smack to each one.

The resulting squawks sent me into a fit of laughter that was exacerbated when Fox and Alex started tickling me. The two naked, squirming bodies piqued my morning erection's attention, reminding me of a great way to jump-start the dayís activities. I pulled them both into the three-way kiss we had a great time perfecting during our time together.

"Merry Christmas," I said when I finally had possession of my lips again.

"Merry Christmas" was returned in stereo.

"What time is it?" Fox asked, snuggling back down against my chest.

"Time to get up, shower, have some coffee, open presents and go over to watch your son demolish wrapping paper."

"I think I have a present right here," Fox murmured as he rubbed his hand over my erection.

"Do you? Maybe that is for Alex," I said smiling down into hazel eyes.

"That's okay. Alex shares everything with me..." Fox let out an indignant huff when his hand was nudged out of the way by Alex's head. "Hey rat, I found it first."

Alex's laughter around my erection sent a tingle through my body. He let go with a resounding pop leaving my cock bereft of its warm cocoon.

"I think there's enough to go around," Alex said before I was once again surrounded by moist heat.

An hour later, I was downstairs anxiously waiting for Fox and Alex. I started a pot of coffee and stood leaning against the doorway of the kitchen. I wanted a first row seat to their faces when the saw the tree. From the number of presents under the tree, I guessed I wasn't the only one to sneak downstairs during the night to add more gifts.

It was well worth the wait to see their faces light up when they finally spotted the tree. Fox and Alex stood frozen on the bottom steps, their eyes huge in their faces as they looked over the twinkling lights and the abundance of presents. We all knew most of the gifts were for William that we would be taking over to Dana's, but it didn't take away from the magic of the moment.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, boys," I said in my best Santa imitation. Jake decided to voice his opinion and joined me, waking Fox and Alex from their stupor.

Fox and Alex surrounded me and pulled me into a huge embrace. We stood in silence just enjoying the moment until Jake decided he needed to go out. Alex extracted himself from the hug and padded over to let Jake out the patio door. Jake bounded off into the snow, which looked to be about six inches in accumulation, and was still falling. Once Jake was back inside we all sat beside the tree sipping our coffee.

"So, who wants to start?" I asked them with a wink.

The gifts we had gotten each other were practical and yet they were things we felt the other needed. Alex and I had gotten Fox a new laptop with the latest software including a voice program and editing software. I included an elegant pen for when Fox would have to start autographing his best sellers. Fox laughed at my presumption, but we all knew it was a matter of time. His first book was selling well and the critics were eagerly anticipating his second book.

Fox and I had gone in together to get Alex a multitude of art supplies to encourage his talent. We also gave him a graphic artist desk to put into what we considered his office. Alex stoked his hand over the variety of paper and brushes. We had chosen a lot of unusual paper surfaces, knowing our sensual little rat would love the feel of them.

My boys had bought me a guitar. I didn't remember telling them I used to play; it was something I hadn't done in a long time, not since the beginning of my marriage to Sharon. I strummed my fingers down the strings, wondering if I even remembered how to play. The sound was deep and perfectly in tune. I might not have remembered much but my fingers did and soon I was strumming out 'What child is this'.

Alex excused himself and ran back upstairs. He didn't seem upset and Jake didn't immediately jump up to follow so we waited to see what Alex was up to. He came back moments later with two flat packages. Alex handed each of us a package and then stood back and waited.

"What's this?" Fox asked, grinning.

"I wanted to give each of you something special, just from me," Alex replied shyly. "I hope you like them."

"I'm sure we will..." I started to say when the last of the wrapping fell away. Encased in a simple black frame was a hand drawn picture of Fox, Alex, Jake and I.

Fox held a picture framed exactly like mine only the picture inside was of him and William. Fox was holding William in the air and giving him what we used to refer to as an Eskimo kiss.

"Do you like them?" Alex asked.

"They're beautiful." I announced. Fox seemed to be at a loss for words for once in his life. "Now come here." I put my picture next to me on the floor and swept Alex into my arms. Fox joined us and we were soon forgetting we needed to leave for Dana's.


The twinkle in Dana's eyes told me she knew exactly why we were late. She just continued to smile her little Mona Lisa smile and handed Fox his son. William was dressed in red and white-footed pajamas, with a Santa hat on his head. His cherub face brightened when he eyes finally roved over and he spotted his father.

Fox swept William into the air, bringing him down to his face and rubbing their noses together just like in the picture Alex had drawn. Maggie had her camera out and was taking pictures before we had even taken off our coats.

Dana was still smirking and I looked at her questioningly. She was up to something, but I couldn't figure out what. I handed her my coat and as she reached forward, she grabbed my hand and yanked hard enough to pull me off balance. For such a tiny woman, she is pretty strong physically.

I could see the flash from Maggie's camera as Dana proceeded to give me a not so chaste kiss. She pulled back and grinned, pointing up. Above our heads, swinging from the door was mistletoe. Dana looked over where Alex was standing to the side laughing at my expense, not that Dana wasn't an excellent kisser.

In a flurry of motion, I was pushed to the side and Dana had Alex beneath the mistletoe. She finally broke the kiss and started giggling at Alex's expression. I was glad Maggie was taking pictures and had captured Alex's pretty blush. There was a moment of worry when Alex shyly hid his face in my chest, until we heard him say that Dana was a good kisser. Of course then Fox wanted his turn and Dana was quick to oblige.

We watched while Dana and Fox helped William open his gifts. William seemed more fascinated with the bows and we all laughed at his antics. Alex gave Maggie a framed picture like ours, except hers was a sketch of Dana and William. If not for the hair, it could have been a picture of Mary and baby Jesus.

Maggie threw her arms around Alex and kissed him on the cheek. "It's beautiful, Alex. Thank you."

"Thank you, Alex," Dana said quietly. We all turned to see her clutching her chest, an open box in her lap. Dana slowly held out her hand towards Alex. "Will you help me put it on?"

Alex moved over beside her and fastened the clasp on the silver bracelet he had brought her. It was full of sparkling charms we could hear make small tinkles as they shifted against one another. Dana presented her wrist for all of us to see. The charms were delicately crafted and depicted different aspects of her life. Most noticeably there was a bear, fox and rat charm.

Maggie asked me to sing for them after she spotted my new guitar sitting in the corner. I picked it up and started strumming out various tunes, trying to decide what to play for them from the songs I remembered. As I plucked the strings, I watched my two young lovers laughing and thoroughly enjoying life. So much had happened over the last year and there were times I never quite believed we would make it over the hurdles life had thrown at us. But seeing them now, sitting underneath Dana's Christmas tree wrestling with William and Jake, I knew we had found our own miracles this past year and together, we had found a better way.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!


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