The Stakeout
by Laura
Pairing: M/K
Rating: Adult, PWP, Slash
Summary: Smut

For Lady Midath's birthday, everyone deserves a little smutlet on their special day. Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you Bertie for the beta and advice:) And thank you Ursula for the additional beta after I changed things once again.

Set somewhere between Augustus Cole and Duane Barry.

Peja's WWOMB Opening line challenges #59 "I'm so tired of this..."

The Stakeout

"I'm so tired of this..." Alex waited patiently for his partner's reaction. When the silence between them grew to epic proportions, he decided on a more direct approach.


"What?" Mulder snapped but didn't bother turning around to acknowledge Krycek's demand for attention. He didn't need to look into the puppy dog eyes of the junior FBI agent; he could hear the whine in his voice.

"I'm bored," Alex, keeping with Mulder's analysis, whimpered like a kicked puppy.

"Here, eat some sunflower seeds." Mulder thrust the half empty bag in the general direction of the younger man.

"I'm bored, not hungry." Alex huffed and crossed his arms, clearly miffed at his partner's dismissal of his state. He sulked silently for a few minutes. It was so unfair. Except for the Cole case, the X-files were a definite disappointment. The Smoker had filled his head with stories of shape-shifters, gender switchers and aliens. The only redeeming value the assignment had was Mulder. Alex had taken one look at Mulder's pouty lower lip and fell head over heels in love, um, lust, Alex corrected himself mentally.

'Definitely lust', he thought. While chasing Mulder down when the older agent had tried once more to ditch him, Alex had gotten some pretty good looks at what Mulder was packing every time the wind would whip Mulder's overcoat back. And now, they were stuck on stakeout of some perp not worth mentioning and Mulder was still ignoring him. 'Well nothing ventured...' Alex decided before trying to gain Mulder's attention once more.


"What?" Mulder cracked a shell between his teeth and expertly spit the hull into his old Styrofoam cup.

"Show me." Alex dropped his voice to a low seductive whisper hoping to garner Mulder's curiosity.

"No." Mulder retorted, not missing a beat. He snatched a quick glance at Krycek. The kid was looking quite scrumptious despite the ugly suit. His hair gel had definitely out lived it usefulness and his dark hair was threatening to spill over his forehead at the least provocation.


"Shut up. We're supposed to be watching for the perp." That was it. Mulder couldn't stand it anymore. He had suffered for hours being trapped in the car with his sexy subordinate and that 'please' sounded like a invitation he was going to have trouble refusing.

"We've been here for hours already. He's not going to show up." Alex hated the whine that had crept back into his voice, overpowering his best bedroom voice. He leaned back against the seat, crossed his arms once more and conceded defeat. Mulder was just not interested.

"We're on stakeout, Krycek, it's not meant to be exciting." Mulder glanced at Krycek again. The kid had turned pouting into a fine art.

But, the stakeout wasn't exciting. It was punishment from old stone-face. Skinner had offered two choices: stakeout or transcribing surveillance tapes and just because Mulder had hared off to Las Vegas on a reported UFO sighting. Skinner apparently didn't accept the Star Trek Experience as a justifiable expenditure. Mostly it was punishment because he had to bring Krycek along, with his adoring looks and DOT statistics.

Krycek chewed on a fingernail and looked back questioningly. "I bet you showed Scully."

"Shut up," Mulder snapped and little harsher than he intended, but he missed Scully and Krycek was just too much a distraction for his own good.

Not fazed by Mulder's glare. Alex felt a mischievous grin curl around his lips and there was now a sparkle in his green eyes. "Please," Alex implored again, redoubling his efforts to make his voice drip with honeyed seduction.

Mulder felt his slacks tighten at the sound of the slow sweet 'please'. He couldn't refuse any longer and decided to give Krycek what he was so prettily begging for. Slowly, he drew his gun from his shoulder holster and pointed the gun at Krycek's face. Krycek didn't stop grinning, even when Mulder's finger tensed on the trigger. Green eyes met hazel in a battle of wills until Mulder twirled the gun and then placed it on the seat between them.

It was growing dark, but there was still enough light to see. The shadows had lengthened, hiding their position in the alley but still it was risky. Taking his gun apart while on assignment was asking for trouble, but Mulder had written the book on not following procedure. And, well he was proud of his gun. Mulder quickly and efficiently unassembled the weapon and then met Krycek's eyes again.

"Sweet." Krycek's face was flushed as he slowly reached out and touched a piece of the gun. His eyes quickly flickered around to see if they were being watched.

His stroke was light and sensual. "I knew it was something special when I first saw it. A custom Sig Sauer, one of a kind."

Mulder felt his own face flush as his eyes tracked the slender finger. There was something strangely arousing about Krycek's finger tracing up and down something so deadly and hard.

Mulder looked up at Krycek's boyish face. Masculine, yet beautiful. Even the horrible suits and bad hair didn't detract from Krycek's good looks. Krycek's cupid bow lips were slightly parted and his pink tongue slipped out to lick the bottom one.

Wrong, Mulder's mind said to him, but his body had an entirely different response. He felt the heat between his legs and his Armani slacks became uncomfortably tight. His mind might have been telling him his younger partner was a plant, not to be trusted, but his body wanted him. Wanted Krycek badly.

Krycek sucked on his bottom lip, making it swell and flush with blood. He moved his finger to the barrel and stroked the long, hard line of it.

Mulder shivered, and then burned as Krycek purred, "Extra long, extra hard. Of course, Special Agent Fox Mulder would only have the best equipment. I bet you had it prepared special too, so that it would be slick and easy to screw..." Krycek looked up with soft, sultry eyes, "into the gun," he finished.

Mulder lost all control. His mind screamed at him procedure, warned of getting caught, warned most of all of falling into a trap he was sure the Smoker had set. Mulder's body screamed back, cowed the mind, and took possession. He grabbed Krycek and devoured the young man's swollen lips with his own.

The adrenaline rush was flowing through them both. Krycek didn't pull away or protest. Instead, he fell into the kiss and wrapped strong arms around Mulder's lanky body.

Mulder's tongue forced its way into Krycek's mouth and did battle with Krycek's tongue as he unzipped the younger man's pants. When he reached inside with warm hands, Alex pressed against him, purring like a kitten as Mulder drew out the young man's cock and caressed it.

It was hard, but the skin was velvety and warm with the blood rushing through it. The low moaning and unexpected softness pushed Mulder over the edge. He groaned into Krycek's ear as he reached lower and jerked down the younger agent's pants to the man's knees.

The front seat was too small, not nearly enough room for two six foot tall grown men to do what Mulder wanted. Mulder grabbed the release and sent the driver's seat and himself flying backwards.

Krycek shrugged off his suit coat. As Krycek lifted himself, Mulder used the momentum to pull him down. Mulder covered his partner with a searing trail of kisses as Krycek reached between them and freed Mulder's cock.

"Fuck me," Alex breathed. "Fuck me good. Fuck me hard, Agent Mulder." His hands stroked Mulder's imposing length with every word, smearing precum over the head and down the long shaft.

Mulder didn't reply. He didn't ask any questions. His body was demanding he take the teasing green agent atop him and damn the consequences.

Mulder hooked hands under Krycek's tight ass and poised him above his hard prick. He stuck his fingers up against Krycek's swollen lips, thinking he needed at least spit for lubrication. Krycek opened his mouth to receive Mulder's fingers and then nipped the tips.

"I'm ready." Krycek's youthful flexibility allowed him to bend over Mulder and not hit his head on the ceiling of the car. Krycek panted with anticipation, kissing and caressing all the parts of Mulder that he could reach as Mulder stroked his hand down Krycek's firm buttocks and slipped his finger into the crevice, seeking out the small opening and carefully pushed his finger in. Krycek was hot and slick and definitely ready to go.

Mulder position his cock against Alex's hole and teased his way in. Alex bit into his own lip as Mulder began to enter him with short, forceful, in and out motions. Mulder went deeper and deeper with every flex of his hips and it was clear that he was going a little too fast. The young man groaned roughly, beautiful face screwing up and a tear leaking from the corner of each green eye.

Mulder bent to kiss the tears, but it was a wild and needy kiss. He couldn't stop; wouldn't stop. Krycek had teased him. Krycek had wanted this. Krycek had started this and it was too late to stop it.

Krycek's panting turned into gasps as Mulder began to slide in and out more easily. Alex relaxed. His insides loosened to accommodate the thickness within him and the burn turned to pleasure.

Krycek groaned as Mulder grabbed his ass with both hands and lifted his hips at a sharper angle. As Mulder began a rapid, pounding fuck, the pleasure turned into ecstasy for Krycek as Mulder's cock head rubbed his prostate. To keep from crying out loud, Krycek bit into Mulder's shoulder and muffled his screams against his partner's flesh.

Krycek's cock had become rock hard and he reached between them to grasp it and begin jerking himself off in time to Mulder's thrusts. They both neared climax, bodies pounding together and the world froze in time around them.

They were reduced to panting, sweating flesh, the center of their world Mulder's swollen cock and Krycek's tight entrance. The stakeout, Skinner, Scully, hell the whole FBI ceased to exist. There was only the rush of adrenaline and the all-powerful need to cum at any cost.

Mulder exploded first, body thrusting wildly and hands closing on Krycek's body like steel clamps as he braced himself to pump white, hot seed inside the younger man. Krycek screamed again into Mulder's shoulder as his own cock spasmed and sent a spray of cum splattering over both their bellies.

Krycek, breathing hard and wiping sweat from his brow, began to lift himself off of Mulder's softening cock. At that moment, they both heard the sound of steps on pavement.

Krycek was in motion instantly, twisting his body sideways at a seeming impossible angle, showing his flexibility as he grabbed with both hands for the pieces of the gun.

Click, snap, click, whirl. Krycek brought up the reassembled gun with incredible speed and aimed point blank as Scully came around a garbage can and stopped in shock at the scene of the two half naked agents. Her face flushed with embarrassment, she turned on her heel and sprinted out of the alley.

Krycek raised the barrel of the gun and grinned at Mulder. "Nice gun. You have the best equipment Mulder."

Mulder scowled as he pulled up his Armani slacks, already reprimanding himself for being so weak and letting the younger agent compromise him. With thoughts of facing Scully, he growled, "You could have just used your own gun!"

Krycek grinned wider. "Where's the fun in that?"

Mulder stared at Krycek, seeing the flushed cheeks and the glitter of excitement in the green eyes. He found himself smirking, feeling the same rush in his own body, the same fire in his veins that was proof that he had loved every second of their dangerous encounter.

"We're on stakeout," Mulder said, but he was still smirking at Krycek as the younger man was pulling on his own clothes and wincing from the pain of his sore backside.

"After we're done, though, you will let me know when you are ready to play with my gun again?"

Krycek blinked at him and then smiled even wider. "Don't worry, Mulder, I think I'll want to play with it a lot."

The End


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