The Calendar

Author: Laura


Rating: Adult, slash, language and sex;)

Status: Sequel to Together, part of Adamas universe

Warnings: mmm slash, a little angst, whiney Mulder, lots of schmoop, a little bit of discipline

Summary: Walter get asked to pose for a Calendar

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Notes: Written for Nick Lea's birthday bash. Thank you, Bertina for the beta. And Thank you Ursula for polishing it 'til it shines.


Mulder's POV


After the door bell hand rung for the fifth time, I decided that neither Walter nor Alex was obviously going to get it. I hit the save button on the keyboard and tried hard not to stomp to the door.  I hated to be disturbed when I was writing. The annoying buzzer sounded again and I yelled out a hateful 'I'm coming'. Yanking the door open I was a little surprised to see a Western Union delivery man. I didn't think people still used them anymore with much more efficient methods of communication. Mainly the computer. I thought fondly of my story gathering dust even as he handed me a clipboard to sign for a package.


I politely thanked him under my breath and closed the door in his face. Turning the package addressed to Walter over in my hands, I tried to determine who would be sending him something. It wasn't his birthday, so he must have ordered something. But why Western Union? The Post Office needed all the traffic they could get to help keep them from being disgruntled.


"Walter!" When he didn't answer, I used my leftover skills as an investigator to locate my wayward lovers. It didn't take long. I spotted them through the patio doors as I walked into the kitchen. Walter and Alex were snuggled deep in the hammock underneath the big silver maple in the backyard. Jake was rolled over onto his back beneath them, somewhat mimicking Alex's sprawl across Walter. I took a moment to imprint the sweet tranquil scene on my memory, before I headed outdoors to gleefully wake them up. As cute as they were, I was still just a tiny bit pissed I was interrupted while writing and they were just lounging about.


It was a hot day and even in the shade of the tree I could see Walter was slightly sweating. Of course it didn't help Alex was draped across him like a blanket. Walter was shirtless and I could see even from across the yard as Alex's little puffs of breath rustled through the hairs on Walter's broad chest. Walter had one arm dangling off the edge of the hammock and the other was around Alex's waist with his hand resting possessively on Alex's rounded butt. At the edge of Alex's cutoffs, his fingers disappeared between Alex's cheeks. I knew where those big long fingers were hiding and my cock took immediate notice and jumped happily to attention but I didn't want to be aroused. So I tried hard to clamp down on my growing arousal by letting my jealousy boil over.


When Walter took possession of Alex, even in the innocent scene before me, I couldn't help be envious of their relationship. We worked well together, the three of us, but Alex would always need Walter more. Which is why theirs was still a discipline relationship in which Walter stayed in a more dominant role- guiding, instructing and keeping the little rat in line. I tried hard to be magnanimous, letting them have their special times, but I needed Walter too and I wanted to be needed just as much as him. It was an issue I struggled with everyday. But days like today and the happy little domestic scene before me just grated on my every nerve. I opened the patio door and helped it shut noisily behind me.


"Walter!" I watched as Walter's eyes fluttered open and he focused in on me. I smiled, waving the package in the air. Jake was watching me expectantly, but didn't make a move to rise. He's a smart dog and probably could see it wasn't food in my hands. Either that or he's as lazy as they are and figured if it was for him, I would bring it over to him.


Walter looked down at the still sleeping Alex draped across him. He put his finger to his lips shushing me and then gestured for me to come over. I felt a twinge of anger and jealousy. I wasn't some delivery boy to be at his beck and call. And I hated being shushed. I had a moment where I thought about flipping their lazy asses over, but who knew how Walter would react, let alone Alex. And then there was Jake in the way of my diabolical plan. If either Alex or Jake were to get hurt, Walter just might forget our agreement and turn me over his knee. That was enough to keep my temper in check.


I handed Walter the package and waited patiently for him to open it. He examined it carefully but didn't seem to recognize the signature or address. I had just about decided to let them be when Walter asked me to open it.


"Are you sure you want me too, it's addressed to you?" I tried hard to keep the sarcasm out of my voice. Would it be such a crime to wake Alex up so he could open his own damn package?


"Fox, is there something wrong?" Walter's question startled me back to the dark places my mind was wallowing in.


"No." I barked without realizing it.


"No? Then why are you being so pissy?      ... and keep your voice down."


Okay, that just added fuel to my growing sulk. I knew I was being petty and there was really no basis for how I was feeling. But damnit, they were my feelings and I didn't give a shit whether they were justified or not. I was just about to make my grand exit when Walter put the package down and reached out and touched my arm. I hadn't even realized I was standing so close to the two of them. I looked down at his strong fingers, barely lighting on my forearm. Neither of us said a word for what seemed like an eternity, and then I worked up the courage to look Walter in the eyes.


What I saw shamed my sullenness out of me. He was looking at me with such love and adoration with a hint of worry in his big brown eyes.


"Fox? Why don't you join us?"


"There's not enough room." I knew better, we had all found out if you love each other enough, there was always room for three. We had done it before on many occasions. I could feel my well-earned sulk melting under his gaze and warm invitation.


"Sure there is, that is...if you want to join us?" Now I couldn't resist. He was making me choose. If I walked away or refused to lie down with the two of them, it was my choice, not them not wanting me. The rest of my jealously dissipated and I carefully climbed in next to Walter. The hammock rocked a little and tried to tip over, but we were used to it and Walter was able to keep it steady. Alex never even stirred.


I snuggled up on Walter's sweaty chest, tickling his nipple with my nose. His hand stroked up and down my arm in feather like touches that sent chills up and down my spine. Walter kissed the top of my head and whispered gently, "You want to talk about what's wrong, baby?"


He probably didn't even realize he used his special endearment for Alex on me. I wasn't sure if I was ready to talk or not so I tried to distract Walter by changing the subject.


"Aren't you the least bit curious about what's in the package?"


"Nice try, Fox. The package is the least of my concerns. Tell me what's wrong."


"I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it, if that's okay?" I asked, hating the neediness that had crept into my voice. Walter tightened his arm around me and squeezed.


"When ever you're ready, I'll be here to listen." Walter's voice had taken on a soft baritone, which had a soothing quality I normally had only heard him use with Alex when Alex was upset or agitated about something.


"Are you sure you won't be too busy with Alex?" God, the sullenness in my voice sounded like a five year old. I cleared my throat and tried again before Walter could respond. "I mean, if you aren't too busy with Alex." That didn't sound much better in my ears, but Walter piped in before I could try again.


"Is this what you're upset about? My spending time alone with Alex?"


"I'm not upset." I snapped. Walter placed a warning tap on my backside.


"Keep your voice down," he growled.


"Yes, sir, wouldn't want to wake your precious little rat." I hissed out and tried to get up. Walter's big arm gripped me around the waist even as he placed a well-aimed swat on my rear. I glared at him and raised my free arm up in protest with the full intention of shoving myself off the hammock if he didn't let me up. I was at the point that I didn't give a damn whether I woke up Alex, or if we all wound up in a tangled pile on the ground. I wanted nothing more than to get as far away from the two of them as possible.


"Don't." I hadn't heard that tone of voice since our days at the FBI. I wasn't his subordinate anymore. I was his lover and he had no right to talk to me that way. I pushed my hand against his chest in another thwarted attempt to dislodge myself from Walter.


"Let me up, Walter. Now. I need to get back to my novel," I snarled out. If he didn't let me up, this was going to turn ugly very quickly.


"Fox, you're not going anywhere until you settle down and tell me what's wrong with you."


"I said I didn't want to talk about it. Now. Let. Me. Go."


"Walter," came a sleepy murmur from Alex. I took the opportunity to roll off the hammock leaving them rocking precariously and Walter struggling not to upset it and fall off. Alex was clinging to Walter in his sleep and I took one last disdainful look and spun on my heels to stomp back towards the house.


"I love you, Fox." I heard Walter loudly whisper at my back. I felt my anger deflate at the words. Walter could always do that. Point out that no matter how childish I was acting; the important thing was that we loved each other.


I turned and looked into his eyes, feeling ashamed and a little hurt. I did want to talk to him and it was unfair for him to try and diffuse the situation by reminding me we love each other. I wanted to rant and couldn't do that if he wanted me to be quiet. And then there was Alex. I didn't want to risk him waking and hearing my insecurity. Alex would blame himself and then Walter would have to refocus on calming Alex. Once again I would be the one left out. My feeling dismissed in lieu of Alex's.


But I was hurting, the anger was all gone and only the hurt remained. When Walter reached out his hand towards me once more in invitation to join them, I wanted nothing more than to crawl back in the hammock against him.


The choice was mine. I could go inside and try to work on the book while wallowing in self-pity or I could re-join Walter and talk. Going inside seemed the easier of the two choices, but I had faced down insurmountable odds before, I think admitting my insecurity to Walter didn't quite rank as high.


I walked over and grasped his hand and clutched it to my chest. I knelt on the ground beside him and rested my head next to him. I brought our entwined fingers to my lips, kissing them and whispered, "I'm sorry."


"Sweetheart, you don't have to apologize for being upset. But it would help if I knew why," Walter whispered.


"It seems so stupid now."


"How you feel is never stupid, Fox. How you handle those feelings are."


"Well, I wasn't handling them very maturely." I heard Walter snicker softly, and chanced a glare up at him. It seemed he agreed that I had been behaving childishly.


"That's why I gave you the little reminder that if you behave like a child, I will treat you like one." He gave me a reassuring smile and added, "Are you ready to talk about this like adults?"


I nodded and rose to my feet. Walter scooted over to make room for me and I climbed back onto the hammock. After we got settled once more, I took a deep breath, exhaling all my hurt in one long ramble.


"I'm not sure what started it, but I think it was when the doorbell rang and I had to stop writing to answer it. You know how I hate to be interrupted when I'm on a roll. And then when I went looking for you and Alex, I find this happy little domestic scene without me; it just sort of snowballed from there. Then, you shushed me." I glared at Walter but gave him a sheepish smile to soften it. "I hate being shushed."


"So let me make sure I have this right. You were mad because you had to answer the door and then got jealous because I was taking a nap out here with Alex. And then I 'shushed' you. Does that about sum it up?" Walter asked with a sigh. He sounded tired.


"When you put it that way, it sounds even worse." I tried for a pout, hoping Walter wouldn't be mad about my behavior.


"I'm not mad," Walter continued as if reading my thoughts, "I know you hate being interrupted. That is why Alex and I came out back. I didn't want Alex bothering you and you know eventually he would have sought you out. He always seeks one of us out. I think even with Jake's companionship, Alex hates being alone."


Alex murmured in his sleep again having heard his name. As he snuggled deeper into Walter's body, I berated myself for my jealousy. Walter was right, I had wanted to be left alone and they had only done what I wanted. Nobody was forcing me to work on my novel on a Saturday. When I get lost in my work I forget about everyone else. If Alex had interrupted me, inevitably we would have ended up fighting. Walter had just been trying to avoid a fight on his day off.


"I know sometimes Alex demands a lot of my attention."


"It's not that, Walter. It's just that, there's the three of us and there is you and Alex and then there is Alex and me. But there is never time for the two of us and coming out here and seeing the two of you all cozy without me, it just brought that to the surface."


"So you want to spend time with just me? What do we do about Alex?"


"Walter, he is well enough to be left alone for short periods of time. That was one of the initial reasons for getting Jake, to allow Alex more independence. And besides, it's almost been a year since..."


"Since I shot him." Walter's voice took on the depressed tone that always came through when we talked about the shooting. Most days he was accepting in the fact if it hadn't been for that, we wouldn't all be together. But whenever Alex had problems or worse when the occasional seizure or panic attack occurred, Walter would become depressed for days taking all the blame for Alex's problems on himself. "I'll try and set aside times for just you and me, Fox. I promise."


"Walter..." I hated that the conversation had taken this turn. My petty jealously had inadvertently brought up Walter's own insecurity. As if this whole situation was his fault and his duty alone to make it right. Walter might have the broadest shoulders of the three of us, but it was too much a burden for him to carry alone as he did most of the time.


"It's okay, Fox. I'm fine. Let's just try and enjoy what is left of the afternoon."


We were both quiet long enough when I felt my eyes start to droop. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up. I snuggled down in the crease at Walter's side. The air was cooling off with the onset of evening. We had already lounged here for hours, dozing off and on, but mostly just relaxing in the comfort of each other's arms. Alex had slept right through the afternoon, at one point I voiced my surprise he could sleep so long and soundly. Walter's theory was Alex was starting to feel safe again.


He reminded me of how well Alex slept before Jake's injury. Now that Jake was semi back to normal, his shuffling gait the only real indication of his broken back, Alex was able to feel secure enough to let his guard down and sleep without waking at every little noise. I watched our young lover sleeping so peacefully. His full mouth was slightly drooling, making his lips glisten in the fading sun. He was painfully beautiful. His eyes started to blink open slowly, I could barely make out little glimpses of brilliant green until his lashes fluttered and his eyes locked onto mine.


"Fox," was breathed out in a husky whisper that went straight to my cock. I looked into his innocent face and berated myself for my jealous feelings earlier. I stretched my neck and captured his glossy lips in a searing kiss while my hand sneaked down and groped Walter through his shorts.


Walter's POV


Fox's exploration of my groin awakened little Walter from his slumber. Having my two boys draped across me and engaging in a little necking also helped him rise to a full fledge salute. As Alex leaned over more to better reach Fox's lips, I once again slipped my hand under his cutoffs and sought out his tight little bud.


Alex let out a deep throaty moan when I found my target. He wiggled trying to press down on my finger. His movements caused the hammock to start swinging from more than the evening breeze.


"I guess sleeping beauty is finally awake," I groused out.


Alex looked up at me with a puzzled frown, the little crease at the bridge of his nose becoming more pronounced. The bewildered look on Alex's face sent Mulder into peals of laughter. I decided to let my actions speak for themselves and leaned over and planted my own passionate kiss on Alex's lips then Mulder's, snaking a hand down the front of Mulder's tank top and brushing across the sensitive nubs of flesh, eliciting a muffled moan from him. My other hand was still busy tantalizing Alex's hole, but he must have thought we had forgotten him while we were busy playing tongue tag. Fox and I broke our kiss at his soulful whimper.


"Poor baby," Mulder cooed, his hands pushing Alex's t-shirt up and exposing his bare chest and stomach. He wasted no time running his tongue from Alex's belly button up to each nipple, suckling and nibbling on the painfully aroused rosy nubs. I continued to lightly stroke Alex inside, gently teasing him with the thrust of one finger.


I was thoroughly enjoying watching Alex turn into one big throbbing nerve as his body couldn't decide whether to arch in to Mulder's talented tongue lavishing attention on his nipples or to thrust back onto my finger. The more excited he got, the more the hammock rocked. I was beginning to wonder if maybe we ought to move this to a new location when my boys changed their tactics.


"What're you... doing... AHHH..." I heard Mulder's muffled laughter.


"Something we know you'll like very, very much," he whispered, snaking his tongue out to trace the contours of my ear, sending shivers throughout my body. He kissed his way down along my jaw line as Alex planted kisses down across my stomach, dipping his tongue into my belly button.


I squirmed under the magical touches of my two young lovers. Mulder captured my lips as Alex slipped the zipper down on my shorts, liberating my painfully erect member from its restraint. Mulder kissed his way down to my neck stopping only to nip at the tender skin, laving and kissing the pain away with his tongue and lips. While Mulder was distracting me with his kisses and bites, Alex took the opportunity to lap away the precum that was dewing the sensitive tip of my cock.


I heard a strangled gasp that must have come from me, my hips bucking upward, seeking the tongue that was intent on torturing me with its wickedness. Mulder pulled back from me and nodded at Alex, I couldn't be sure what was meant by this silent agreement, but Alex head dipped back down and he swallowed me to the root. His awkward position gave me more access to his plush bottom and I bent my leg enough to rub against the tightness of his groin.


I closed my eyes for a moment, losing myself in the sensation of my cock being so thoroughly attended too. I opened my eyes slightly, taking in the sight of Alex's head bobbing up and down on my thick cock. Mulder had shimmied his jeans down, allowing his own erection the freedom it needed. I watched his long elegant fingers slowly stroke up and down. He had the perfect view and seemed enraptured as Alex's skillful mouth hummed around my penis and he literally humped my leg trying to capture as much friction as he could.


None of us was going to last much longer. The hammock was rocking precariously from all our frantic movements. I was still finger fucking Alex's ass and if he had any chance of joining Fox's and my orgasm I needed to take it up a notch. I slipped my finger out and reached over and swiped some of Fox's precum. His eyes sparkled with acknowledgment of my plan. Dipping back into Alex's crack, I inserted two fingers and started doing my best to hit his prostate with each thrust.


His throaty moan around my erection sent me over the precipice. Fox wasn't far behind, his cum shooting out splattering across my stomach and some landing in Alex's hair. With one last arching shudder, Alex pressed hard against my leg; I felt telltale warmth spread across the front of his jean shorts.


We all were silent, letting the aftershocks of orgasm slowly fade, when Alex's stomach rumbled. I felt Fox try to muffle his chuckle against my chest only to burst out laughing when my stomach echoed Alex's sentiments.


"I think maybe we should get our lazy asses cleaned up and start dinner," I suggested and patted them both on their rears.


"Can we grill out tonight, Walter?"


"Absolutely." I gave them each a quick kiss and we cautiously worked our way off the hammock. Jake ambled up to join us from the other side of the tree where he had adjourned when the activities started. I gave him a knowing wink.




"Walter, aren't you in the least bit curious about the package?" Fox asked.


"Of course, but..." I looked at to expectant faces. It was obvious they were a lot more curious than I was. Fox's insatiable curiosity must have been eating away at him since the package arrived. His restraint was admirable. I can remember a time not that long ago, Fox would have badgered me relentlessly until I opened it. His 'need to know' still outweighed his common sense most times. Alex was curious, I could almost see his nose twitching with interest, but I knew it would be easy to distract him with food. The steaks were ready to put on the grill and I thought about suggesting waiting until after we ate to open the package. I knew Alex would agree and food seemed to outweigh most things where he was concerned.


Fox immediately took notice of my mood switch. It always happened when I thought about Alex and using his inability to stay focused to my advantage to distract him from a subject or situation. Fox and I both did it, without thinking. I was right in reminding Fox it was unfair to be jealous of Alex garnering the lion's share of my attention, since although Fox could lose himself in his writing for hours at a time, Alex couldn't stay focused on one thing for that long. I gave Fox a small sad smile and then turned and grinned at Alex.


"You want to do the honors?" I asked, knowing he would love it. It didn't matter that the package was for me and although Alex would not open it without permission, he would jump at the chance to if offered.


"Yes!" was his excited answer as he literally snatched the package from my outstretched hands. Alex ripped it open and dug through the contents.


Alex sat reading the letter while he casually pushed the box towards me. I reached in and pulled out an innocent enough looking calendar. The title was 'MILF 2004'. What the hell is MILF? I flipped the calendar over and examined the back. The pictures were of ordinary if not beautiful women in their late thirties and forties in sexy semi-nude poses. Not that I mind looking at beautiful women, but with Alex and Fox, I had all the eye candy I needed on a daily basis. I picked up the package again and looked at the address, I couldn't figure out who would have sent this to me.


"What's the letter say, Alex?" Fox asked. He was looking between the calendar and Alex's puzzled expression.


"They want Walter to pose for a calendar?" Alex's words were laced with a little too much disbelief. I wasn't sure if I should be offended or not.


"They what? And who the hell are 'they'?" Fox asked with the same disbelief. I was definitely growing slightly offended. I still wasn't sure what was going on, or what the mysterious 'they' actually wanted from me, but my boys were acting like they couldn't imagine someone might want me to pose for what would obviously be a beefcake calendar. Fox yanked the letter out of Alex's hand to read it. I guess he thought maybe Alex had misunderstood.


I felt a grumbling emerge deep from my throat, which turned into a full-fledged growl when Fox busted out laughing.


"They want..." snicker "They're asking for you to..." snort "pose for a "Sexy men over fifty calendar." Fox ungracefully fell out of his lawn chair as the final words flew out of his mouth through his guffaws, "in the nude!"


Alex's face had taken on an expression eerily like the little rat bastard he once was. I watched and could almost swear I saw his mind working out several scenarios through narrowed eyes. Alex looked up and caught me staring. He quickly lowered his eyes veiling them behind his lashes.


"I don't want you to do it, Walter," he mumbled into his chest.


"What was that, Alex? I couldn't understand you." I had in fact understood him perfectly.


Alex looked back up and met my question straight on with just a touch of steel in his husky voice. "I don't want you to do it."


"And why is that? Do you share Fox's opinion that no one would want to see me nude for one month out of the year?" I tried hard not to snap, but I was a little hurt. I worked hard to keep my body in top physical condition and was rather proud of the shape I was in, considering a lot of men let their bodies go after fifty.


"Walter, that's not what I meant and you know it," Fox tried to interject. I didn't know it and gave him the same look I gave him when he used to bring me his outrageous expense reports. He stopped and stared; his mouth hung open in disbelieving shock. Fox sputtered and tried again, "I think you have a great body and I, for one, would love to see you nude for a month." He wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive leer. I continued glaring at him; he wasn't getting out of this one that easy.


"I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the situation," he suggested. It still wasn't working to mollify my wounded pride. "Yadda yadda yadda." Was all I heard until Alex joined in.


"That's what I don't understand. How come you, Walter? Yes, you are undeniably sexy, but with all the men in the nation, why you? I don't trust them and I want to know who they are, what they really want and how they got your name and our address. It all smells like a set-up."


Fox and I couldn't help but stare. Alex was not prone to say so much at one time. Alex picked up the package and started digging around more. "The finger prints have probably been wiped, but it wouldn't hurt to check. And we can try to trace the package back to the original sender, that shouldn't be to hard unless they used several parties in-between. And then..."


"Alex?" He paused and looked up at me. "Not everything is part of a conspiracy. I don't want you doing anything. Understand."


"I wasn't planning on 'doing anything'. I was just pointing out that you need to be careful, and Walter, some things are part of a conspiracy. It would be careless to not check this out instead of blindly accepting it as what it appears to be."


"He's right, Walter. I think we all have become complacent after the fall of the Consortium. I'll all the Lone Gunmen and have them run a background check on the company. If they can figure out what 'MILF' means, that could be the key to this whole thing."


"If it's a set up, I don't think it would be that obvious, do you?" I asked at the same time that Alex mumbled something under his breath. "What was that?"


"Mothers I'd Like to Fuck," Alex said a little louder and with a hell of a lot of emphasis on the word fuck.


"I don't think either one of us knew that about you, Alex," Fox piped in with a shit-eating grin on his face. "Tell us more about these mothers."


A dark cloud passed over Alex's expression until he noticed both Fox and I were grinning at him. He took a deep breath and said, "That's what 'MILF' stands for."




"Mother's I'd Like to..."


"I know what you said. That's just indecent and sexist and I can't believe you knew what that meant."


"Walter," Alex gave me his best imitation of me. I didn't realize sometimes I could be so condescending when he didn't understand something. "I think it comes from when you're a kid and one of your friends had a super sexy mom and evolved from there."


"That makes sense, just because a woman has had children, doesn't mean she isn't still a sexual being. Look at Scully. She is just as hot as she was when we were first partnered up, actually a little more so. And Maggie ain't too bad herself, and she's a grandmother." Fox's eyes had started to glass over. I definitely did not want to go there.


"Even if what you're saying is true, it's still demeaning. This discussion is over. I'm going in and getting the steaks. You two start setting the table and get the salads ready." I turned and started walking back to the house and then added, "And wipe those grins off your faces."


Two very similar fits of giggles followed me all the way inside.


Mulder's POV


"I did a bad thing." Alex was standing in the doorway looking entirely too vulnerable.


I stopped what I was doing. The way Alex had said 'bad' did not sound very good. There is bad and then there is BAD. With Alex, BAD was never good.


"What did you do?" I asked trying to sound stern but sympathetic. Where Alex is concerned, I still do sympathetic better, leaving the stern mostly to Walter. So I opened my arms in invitation, which Alex promptly accepted. He snuffled a moment into my neck and then explained what he had done.


"I hacked into the FBI computers to do a background check on the calendar company," he mumbled out.


"Oh, Alex. I told you what the gunmen found out. The company is perfectly legit. Nothing nefarious. No Consortium plots. Nothing but a minor company struggling to stay afloat in a competitive market." I sighed and pulled him into a deeper hug. Walter was not going to like this. Hell, I didn't like it. If Alex had been caught, I'm not sure we could have prevented him from going to jail.


"I wasn't caught. They didn't even have a clue I was ever there. I'm still good at it. Just as good as the Gunmen." Ah, so he had thought about the repercussions. At least there was that. But I was a little surprised at his jealousy of the Gunmen. Walter and I knew he was good with computers; decoding parts of the DAT tape had been evidence of his skills.


"But why, Alex? You know you shouldn't be doing anything related to your 'former profession'."


"I know. I was just scared the Gunmen weren't doing enough. They acted like it was a joke and it's not a joke. Someone has been spying on us or how else would they have gotten Walter's name and address? It doesn't add up."


"We talked about this. We would find out how they got his name when we meet with them this Saturday. We agreed, Alex."


"They could lie," he stated empathetically.


"Yes they could. But any one of us could sniff out the lie as soon as they tried."


"I suppose."


"What did you find out?"




"So you risked getting caught hacking into the FBI's computers for nothing?"


"It wasn't for nothing. I had to make sure Walter would be safe. I couldn't stand..." he trailed off. We were finally getting to the heart of the matter.


"What, baby?" I encouraged. Alex needed to verbalize his thoughts; it would definitely help when we explained this to Walter.


"I couldn't stand it if something bad happened to Walter. I can't...I can't live without him. And I thought if there was any chance it was a trap, I could stop him from doing it. And then when there was nothing, I started to think about all those people staring at Walter and suddenly seeing what we have and wanting it. What if he leaves us, Fox?" Alex had started sniffling a little more. He was on the verge of tears and it made me realize how much the whole situation had bothered him.


"Alex, Walter will never leave us," I tried to reassure him, but now I started wondering. In our eyes, Walter was everything and I forget sometimes that others find him attractive as well. How we had gotten so lucky was still something I couldn't fathom at times. And it just wasn't his physical attraction. It was his strength and warmth and how just a small smile from his handsome face could make my heart sing.


Normally I might have been a little stung at Alex's confessed dependence on Walter in his/our lives. But I felt the same way. Walter completed us. Made us be better than we were alone. I needed Walter's strength as much as Alex, although I took it for granted a lot of the time. Now with the seed planted, I started to worry a little myself.


We would have to talk about this again. Walter would undoubtedly have to punish Alex, which would help reaffirm their relationship in a way. But I needed some reassurance, too. Poor Walter was in for a long evening.


Walter's POV


The tension in the air when I walked through the door was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Fox and Alex were snuggled up on the sofa so I didn't think they had been fighting. But the fact they didn't immediately jump up to greet me was worrisome, since I was happily spoiled with two bundles of love embracing me every time I walked in the door.


I cleared my throat to get their attention. Two sets of red-rimmed eyes peered up at me. My heart clenched. Something bad had happened. I quickly looked around for Jake. As if sensing my search, he perked his head up from where he was laying at their feet. Relief washed over me only to be quickly replaced by more worry. If it wasn't Jake, what was it? My mind conjured all sorts of scenarios, but I schooled my expression and plunged right into the heart of the matter.


"What's wrong?"


Alex jumped up from the sofa, almost trampling Jake and ran quickly into my arms. I could feel his body trembling as he buried his face in my chest. Fox followed right behind and spooned up against him. Alex was now held firmly between us. Whatever it was, it was about Alex, that much I was sure of now.


I held both of them as best I could, one thing about being three big men; arms could only stretch so far. When I thought the storm had enough time to settle. I guided both of them back over to the sofa. We settled in with one on each side of me, both pressed tight to my side.


"So, who wants to start?"


Alex shook his head at the same time Fox said, "I think it would be best if you told him, Alex."


I could feel Alex's head shaking vehemently against my chest. "Come on, baby. It couldn't be that bad." But I couldn't help but think that it was.


Fox reached over me and grasped hold of Alex's hand in encouragement. It must have worked because seconds later Alex was spilling the whole story. In-between the sniffling and tears there was a hint of stubbornness. Alex knew he had done wrong, but he also felt justified, much like before when he was working for the Consortium and later even when he switched sides and was working with the alien rebels.


No amount of justification was enough. He had risked his safety as well as ours by hacking into the FBI database. Intermeshed was his insecurity about our relationship. That was a problem in itself. After all this time, for he and Fox to still be doubtful of my love, meant I was failing them in our relationship. I thought I had learned from my mistakes in my marriage but apparently not.


"I love you, both. More than anything. I don't know how I can make you understand. I will never leave you. I'm more committed to this relationship than I have been to anything else in my life. What can I do to take away these fears?"


"Nothing, Walter. It's us. I think neither Alex nor I will ever be truly secure, but saying you love us everyday helps," Fox said with a smile through trembling lips. Alex nodded his head against my chest in agreement. The matter wasn't settled, but it may never truly be. My lovers were insecure and needy, but I would rather have them that way than not at all. It was time to address the other issue of Alex's breaking and entering via the computer.


I patted Alex on the back, "You know what happens now."


Alex slowly rose to his feet. His head bowed dejectedly. I sat on the edge of the couch, back straight and getting stiffer by the minute. If we put this off any longer, we'd have to put it off until after I was out of traction.


"Come on, Alex, get rid of the jeans."


Alex stood between my knees, fidgety and already sniffling. He looked around pleadingly at Fox one last time, before pushing the jeans down over his hips.


"I said I was sorry."


"Alex, this is serious and sorry just doesn't cut it." I hated that we had to do this, but the only way was to break through years of running wild and making shallow justifications for reckless endangerment. Alex needed a firm hand on his butt to remind him, he had to have control and he had too much to lose now.


"This won't take long, Alex. But it will be one to remember." Hopefully, I wouldn't ever have to spank him for something like this again. I figured it was going to be the hardest spanking in our history together but one of the shortest. I was sure Alex wouldn't be repeating this mistake and the spanking was just a formality.


As Alex climbed over my lap, Fox moved to take his hands. I could see the white knuckled grip they had on each other. I lifted my palm and brought it down with a resounding smack. I decided to concentrate in one area. Alex would be sitting uncomfortably for the next couple of days.


I continued reigning short stinging slaps to Alex's quickly reddening backside. The heat was coming off in waves and Alex started to struggle. He started kicking his legs and trying to pull his hand free from Fox's grip. I'm usually a lot more methodical about his punishment but I wanted this to be short and to the point. From his struggles, I could tell my point was getting across.


When I finished, Alex was lying limply across my lap, sobbing his heart out. I let him be for only a moment then had Fox help me roll him over into my arms. Alex continued crying and apologizing and promising never to hack into the FBI again. I asked if he was planning to hack into anything else. He immediately wailed out "No".


My point it would seem made it home.


I snuggled Alex deep into my arms, whispering how much I loved him. I held onto him with one arm, while I pulled Fox into our embrace with the other. We sat there for almost an hour with me trying my best to assure both of them that they were loved and I would never leave them.


Finally, when Alex's crying had turned to quiet sniffles, I broached the subject of this entire debacle. "I'm not going to even consider doing this calendar if it is going to cause the both of you this much distress. I will call the people tomorrow and cancel the appointment."


"You don't have to do that, Walter. We will at least talk to them, right Alex?"


"Unhuh." Alex sniffled and buried deeper next to me. I scooted back against the sofa and relaxed. It wasn't long before Alex and Fox were dozing in my arms. I sat back and cringed at the thought that Saturday was only two days away.




The address we were given ended up in an industrial section of Arlington. Many of the buildings were being demolished while others were being used as art galleries and lofts making a sort of artist colony. Since it was still early on Saturday, there were only two cars parked in the lot, nothing fancy, an older Suburban and a Volvo wagon, whose paint had seen better days. We rang the bell and after a few seconds a buzzer sounded, releasing the lock.


The lobby was innocuous in decor. A few framed photographs adorned the gray walls and a nice leather sofa with matching chairs was positioned in the middle of the room. We each stood taking stock of the room. I'm sure Alex was checking for possible hidden camera spots, while Fox was busy checking out the art. I was contemplating taking a seat, when an older lady came bustling out a side door.


"Mr. Skinner, I'm glad you could make it. I'm Tracy Odgers, owner of Calendars, Inc.," she said as she offered her hand.


"Thank you. These are my partners, Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek," I said as I shook her hand. "I hope you don't mind them joining us."


"Of course not. Whatever makes you comfortable. Please have a seat and we can discuss the shoot." She directed us to the sofa and chairs. Alex and Fox took up position on either side of me. Mrs. Odgers gave me a knowing look.


"I suppose I should start by explaining what we do here at Calendars." At our nods she continued to explain the history of the company. "The idea started forming in my mind, when my husband would pick up an issue of Sports Illustrated and start drooling over the swimsuit models. That part I didn't mind, it was his constantly saying how young and hot the models were. After years of hearing this, I started replying that you didn't have to be young to be hot. My husband is a prime example. He is nearing sixty-five and he still turns me on and turns heads wherever he goes."


At this point, I had to interrupt, "I bet you both turn quite a few heads." Mrs. Odgers was a very attractive lady. She wore her age well, I would guess near her husband's age and she was relatively physically fit. She wore her hair in a feathery bob and it was almost all gray.


"Why thank you, Mr. Skinner. A lady always likes to hear compliments, especially when they are a grandmother of six." And as a lady of an entirely different generation, she still had the decency to blush at the compliment.


"And that is actually the point. I had retired a few years ago from an ad agency so I knew a little about business and marketing and started doing some research on the internet. I found there was decidedly a lack of merchandise directed towards older people except in the medicinal area. I was slightly shocked, even if I'd suspected it. Most people's idea of mature means you are over thirty. I myself don't mind looking at an attractive young man, but it feels a little like robbing the cradle. I have two sons that are in their forties."


"I didn't want to do something pornographic. I wanted something simple and tasteful. My oldest son gave me the idea of calendars and my youngest the first idea about older women. He was the one that introduced me to the term 'MILF'. I was disgusted at first and then amused when he explained that many of his friends thought that about me when he was growing up." She gave a small dainty cough into her fist. "So I went about hiring a photographer and graphic designer and after a few months we put the first calendar out. It was a mild success; enough to keep the doors open and start the next year's version."


"This is the first time we are doing an additional calendar with men. I assure you, this is not pornographic in nature. No full frontal nudity. And Mr. Mulder and Mr. Krycek are welcome to stay during the shoot. All that's left is a few minor details and your agreement. Any questions?"


"I have one," Fox popped in right away. Should have known, he was being awfully quiet for once. I was used to that from Alex, but Fox was never one to stay quiet for so long. "Just how did you get the idea to use Walter?"


"Oh that, well, I was having lunch with Margaret and Dana Scully and discussing the idea for the new calendar." I heard a low growl at my side. I gave Alex's hand a little reassuring squeeze and warning.


"When I mentioned the idea, Dana suggested your name and then produced a picture of you and your partners. Even in the wallet size photograph I could see you were exactly the type we were looking for. So if that's all, and you're agreeable, we just need to sign a release and we can start the shooting."


"Today?" I gulped. I was still processing everything and wasn't sure I was mentally prepared to bare it all for anyone besides Alex and Fox.


"The time is perfect. If you have too much mental preparation ahead of time, you'll be stiff," she said with a grin and wink. Fox giggled and Alex growled again. "And don't worry. Ray is the consummate professional, he will have you relaxed and enjoying yourself in no time."


As if on cue, Ray fluttered into the room. I say fluttered because it was the only real description of how he walked. None of the three of us were overtly queens, as I understood the word usage. Although at times I accused Alex and Fox of being drama queens.


"My, my, you are a great big daddy bear. I'm going to enjoy this one," he cooed.


Alex started to get up and I heard a whispered snarl, "I'm going to kill him."


"Alex." I kept my voice low hoping the poor man hadn't heard Alex. I tightened my grip on Alex's hand; I could actually feel the waves of anger rolling off of him. "Ray. Tracy. Will you excuse us for a moment?" I didn't wait for their answer. I stood and literally dragged Alex and Fox to the other side of the lobby.


"Alex. Control yourself," I warned.


"I don't like the way he was looking at you. This is exactly what I was talking about. All those men and women leering at you. I don't like it. I...I don't want anyone looking at you but me and Fox." Alex's voice started out menacing and wound down to sounding childlike. I looked at him. This was still bothering him.


"I won't do it unless we all agree. I promised you both that before we got here and I don't break my promises. Do I, Alex? Fox?"


"No." They replied in stereo.


"Okay. We need to decide what to tell them. Am I going through with this or not?" I waited while they thought about it a moment.


Alex took a deep breath and gave a small smile. "Okay. But we're in the room the whole time." I nodded. "And no touching." I nodded again. "Then it's all right with me."




"I agree to those terms but also want full rights to the negatives. I don't want these pictures winding up on the 'net. And if Princess Ray says 'Make love to the camera' just once, Alex won't get the chance to shoot him, I will. For that matter, I'm going to have a nice long discussion with the Scully women when we are through."


We went back to Ray and Tracy and presented our terms. Ray acted disappointed until he caught the look in Alex's eyes. Ray gave a visible gulp and fluttered back into the studio looking more nervous than I felt. Tracy reluctantly gave up the rights to the negatives but I guess she wanted me in the calendar more than she wanted the copyright.


One month later...


Fox strolled into the backyard carrying a package much like the one that started this all. Only this time he was happily ripping into it as he approached. Inside were three copies of 'the calendar'. I nervously removed the plastic wrapper and perused the contents.


Alex let loose with a wolf whistle about the same time as Fox gave an excited wow. I could feel my face heating up as I located my picture.


"July is absolutely my favorite month now," Alex said and calendars went flying as my two boys tackled me.


The end.


Happy Birthday Nick!


And if you want to see Walter's picture, go here, but WARNING contains partial nudity: