Bad Porn

by Laura

Warnings: Adult, bad fic and Spankings

Notes: This is bad porn in tradition of the really bad porn. Apologies to M.Dumas. Nothing belongs to me. Names have been altered because I am not that ambitious.

Happy Birthday! Ursula.

Alex dreamed of becoming a Musketeer and just like his late father, serve and protect the King. He had his horse, his father's sword and his virginity, the last he was hoping to get rid of before he reached Paris.

Unbeknownst to Alex, Cardinal Spender had ordered the disbandment of the King's Musketeers and was trying to takeover the kingdom(but that's almost a plot, so that's all you get).

Alex arrives in Paris and heads to the Musketeers headquarters, only to find it nearly destroyed. He spots a man and asks where the Musketeers are.

"They're gone, now leave me alone," John snarls, only Alex doesn't know his name.

"You're not being very helpful." Alex stomped his foot and pouted.

'God, this one could give Mulder competition for being a brat and needs to find a better use for that mouth.' John almost says, then decides instead to snap, "And you boy, need a lesson in manners."

"Oh, and who would be teaching me these manners? You?" Alex snidely retorted.

"Meet me outside the city, by the ruins at noon, and we will settle this." John shouted as he left the building.

Alex looked around and pouted some more, but it had no effect since he was alone, so he headed off for the city tavern.

The tavern was filled with a large crowd. Most of the patrons were surrounding a man, who was speaking in a monotone voice and spouting all sorts of weird theories no one understood.

"Does anyone know where I can find the Musketeers?" Alex shouted interrupting a gruesome story about liver eating demons.

"Child? Are you old enough to be in here?" Mulder, the man who was telling the story, stood up and asked, only he was thinking 'Are you old enough for me to take to bed without getting arrested?'

"Shut up, you pompous windbag!" Alex shouted back, green eyes flashing.

"Little boy, meet me at the ruins at one o'clock and we will settle this matter like gentlemen."

"Okay, I'll be there." Alex turned and took one last look. 'Damn, he's fine, too bad he's such a jerk.'

Just as Alex leaves the tavern, a large weight drops on his back.

"My apologies, boy."

Alex looked up to see a large balding man hovering over him. 'Now this is the position I've been trying to get in, and wow what a guy.' Alex gazed dreamily into warm brown eyes.

Walter, for that was the bald guy's name, peered at the dazed boy beneath him. The boy had beautiful green eyes and full pouty lips. 'Those lips are almost a luscious as Mulder's, but no time for that now.' Walter thought as he climbed up off the younger man, slapping his butt for good measure.

That snapped Alex out of his stupor. Jumping to his feet, he pushed Walter back yelling, "You're a rude old man, apology not accepted." He emphasized his statement with a stomp.

"Boy, watch your mouth. Meet me at two o'clock at the ruins..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. The ruins, I know, whatever." Alex stomped off down the street.

Walter lingered a moment, lustfully watching what some would consider Alex's best side.

'Damn. The Musketeers are disbanded. I can't find any of them, you wouldn't think it would be all that hard. And now I have three duels already and I haven't even been in town a day yet.' Alex pouted. 'And I'm still a virgin.'

Shortly after noon, Alex arrives at the ruins. John is already waiting.

"Your late, a man arrives at his appointments on time, but then again, you are a mere child."

"You in a hurry to die?" Alex was getting depressed, nobody liked him, he couldn't fathom why everyone was so mean to him.

Walter and Mulder trotted in on their horses. Walter nodded a greeting to John. Mulder leaped from his horse and hissed, "John, you can't fight this child, I am to duel with him."

"Not until 1." Alex smugly piped in.

"And I am to duel with him at two." Walter stated as he took off his cloak revealing his Musketeer uniform.

"You're a Musketeer," Alex looked around, seeing the other two men had taken their cloaks off as well. "You're all Musketeers!"

"Yes, boy. You chose your opponents foolishly." Walter had leaned his large frame against the wall of the ruins and was absently stroking his sword.

"But, I've been looking for you."

"Now you've found us." Mulder was torn between watching Alex bounce up and down with excitement and Walter stroking his sword. Both made it hard to concentrate on the duel ahead.

"It will give me no pleasure to kill you." Alex bowed to John. "I will be with you gentlemen in a moment."

"Oh he'll be with all of us if I have my way." Mulder waggled his eyebrows at Walter.

"And he will stop being a petulant brat, if I have mine." An evil grin worked it's way across Walter's face.

Just as swords are drawn, the King's guards arrive to arrest the three older men. Alex begs to join the fight. Mulder pushes him back, but Alex forces his way into the huddled men.

"Stay out of this boy, unless you want to end your career as a Musketeer before it begins," Walter barked.

"But I can help." Alex resorted to whining, it always worked with his parents.

"No!" All three men said at once and turned to battle the King's guard. The odds were tight, but the Musketeers prevailed.

Mulder pointed up on what was left of the ruins and snickered. "Looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't follow your orders, Walter."

Walter slapped Mulder on the butt. "The little brat will find out the cost of not listening to his elders."

Alex killed his opponent and dropped down to the men waiting below. He was flushed with adrenaline and jumping around with excess energy.

"Did you see? I was so good. Told you I could help." Alex crossed his arms and slouched into his best cocky pose.

Walter grabbed his arm and unbalanced him. "And I told you to stay out of it. Mulder, you get first round."

Mulder grabbed a struggling Alex and upturned him over his knee. He yanked down the tight pants the younger man was wearing and proceeded to land a series of stinging blows to the pert little butt.

Alex never stopped struggling. Mulder finally handed him over to John, who continued the reign of blows. Alex face was streaked with tears but he hadn't made a sound. When John finished, Walter stood Alex in front him.

"You're making this a lot worse than it could be, boy. Stop trying to hold it in. I will not stop until you admit you were wrong and promise next time you will listen to what I tell you to do. Got that!" With that said, Walter flipped Alex over his knees and methodically started delivering his own slaps.

Mulder stood back and watched in fascination. He was glad his turn was first, because he loved to watch. Mulder only hoped Walter would hurry up because the sight of Alex's crimson ass cheeks had given him a raging hard-on.

John noticed Mulder's predicament and reached over to give a squeeze. Mulder slapped John's hand away. "John, I'm saving that."

Alex gave a loud sob and started begging Walter to stop. "Please, I'm sorry. Please stop."

Walter immediately stopped and he held the sobbing younger man tight to his chest. "It's okay. It's all over."

"Did you really mean there will be a next time?" Alex asked between hitching breaths.

"Of course, you're one of us now." Mulder kneeled beside Walter. He ran a soothing hand across Alex's inflamed bottom and slipped a finger down between the tight cheeks.

Alex's eyes nearly popped out of his face when Mulder found what he was seeking and gave a quick poke. He continued to probe until Alex gave a 'eep' and jumped off Walter's lap.

"What are you doing?" Alex hoped Mulder was doing what he thought he was doing.

"Finishing your training, now come here." Mulder grabbed Alex and pulled him into a heated kiss. Walter motioned John over and they began undressing Alex. Mulder's hand roamed down and he began thrusting his finger in and out of Alex's hole.

Alex's legs started getting weak and suddenly stars appeared before his eyes. His body gave a jerk and he came all over Mulder.

"Virgin." Mulder stated emphatically and turned Alex away from him and pushed him up against the wall. He coated his penis with the oil John had kindly handed him without question. Mulder pushed his way into Alex's tight little hole and began thrusting, his balls slapping against the hot flesh of Alex's butt.

Mulder felt a finger slip inside him stretching and lubing him. He turned and saw John grinning as he prepped Mulder and Walter prepped him. The two older men easily joined in Mulder's rhythm. Mulder was soon overcome by Alex's second orgasm and John's finger fucking. He spilled his seed deep inside Alex, while the younger man's internal muscles milked his cock. Mulder barely had time to recover before John gently pulled him out of Alex.

Alex dropped to his knees and John quickly dropped in behind him and inserted his rock hard erection. John drove in as deep as possible. Alex was moaning and had become hard again.

Walter was getting impatient for his turn, so he grabbed Mulder and pushed him down on his knees next to Alex. Mulder was still loose from John's fingers, so Walter pushed his own hard cock into Mulder without hesitation. He reached his hand under Mulder and grabbed Mulder's reawakening penis and stroked him in time with his own thrusts.

The two younger men howled out their completion, taking the two older men with them. John was braced on top of Alex, trying to regain his breath, when Walter pulled out of Mulder and nudged John's shoulder.

"My turn," Walter stated and thrust into Alex without preamble. Walter leaned back and slowly sat down. Alex gave a loud, low moan as Walter lifted him and seated him on his half hard cock, Alex was still tight and Walter had to strain to breech the small hole. Walter grasped onto Alex's hips and began lifting up and down, Alex just draped his arms over Walter's shoulders for support.

Mulder didn't think he could get it up again, but the sight of Walter's thick cock thrusting in and out of Alex, brought him back to life. Mulder leered at John, who immediately climbed on Mulder's lap. They quickly matched the others rhythm.

Alex came with a shout and Walter moaned his appreciation of the sensation of Alex tightening even more. Walter continued bouncing Alex on his lap until he roared with his own climax.

John grabbed his own penis and started stroking himself. Mulder was leaning back on his elbows blissed out from John riding him. John could feel his ball draw up tight , so he started riding Mulder harder until they both came.

The four men lay quietly, arms wrapped around each other in a sweaty sex stupid embrace. Alex squirmed up to Walter and launched into a passionate kiss.

"Virgins, too much recovery power." Mulder looked on in amusement.

Alex wiggled his still red ass at Mulder, "All for one and one for all."


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