And the Rat came Back
Author: Laura
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Rating: Adult, slash, PWP, m/m sex, mild profanity, OCC!Alex and Spanking
Summary: Alex finds a way into Walter's bed.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, just playing
Notes: Humor? I hope. Thanks Bertie for the beta.

Alex wiggled uncomfortably inside his vantage point, lifted the compact little gun again and practiced sighting along the line where his target would appear. The bug he'd planted had just informed him that the target was rolling. Soon would be the time for action, after what seemed like hours of waiting.

He shifted a little, trying to ease a muscle in his leg that had cramped. Normally he would've had problems folding his six-foot frame into such a small space. But he'd been chasing after this particular target for a long time, so he figured it was worth it. If he could still walk when he crawled out of there.

The door to the apartment swung open and his target strolled in, loosening his tie and heading for the bar. He paused momentarily and then went into the adjoining kitchen, only to reappear carrying a tray of ice, which he dumped into the ice bucket on the counter. Alex clenched his teeth and waited. And waited.

Just as the man finished pouring a full glass of scotch, the phone rang. Distracted, the man turned and looked at the phone, trying to decide whether to answer or not. Using the phone's handy distraction, Alex sighted and fired simultaneously. Bull's eye! Alex nearly squeaked aloud in triumph. The projectile he'd fired had met precisely with its target.

Walter Skinner picked up his drink and moved on; oblivious to the presence of a little 'addition' Alex had fired carefully into his drink. Alex smirked. That pellet had cost him a pretty penny.

Alex hummed softly to himself as he climbed out of his cramped hiding place, his leg nearly collapsing under him. Once the pellet took effect on Skinner, he'd finally get the opening he'd been searching for. He just had to make sure he was there when it started to work.

Skinner started to take a hefty belt of his scotch when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Along with the ice cubes, a fly was bobbing contentedly in the liquor. Disgusted, he poured the scotch down the drain. He hated to waste the fifty-year-old scotch, but the thought of the fly and where it had been made him shudder. He refilled his glass with ice and scotch and drank deeply. He sat the empty glass down on the table and picked up his mail.

Alex knocked on Skinner's door and pushed it open without waiting for an answer. Skinner was standing by his kitchen table, looking bored as he read through his mail. Skinner flicked him the kind of glance an insect would receive and turned his attention back to his scotch and his mail. He had already had one glass, but with Krycek's arrival, he was going to definitely need another.

Alex slinked into the room like a tiger on the prowl, his tail happily swishing back and forth. His eyes fell on the empty highball glass that was still sitting on the table, and he did a little happy dance mentally. The glass had been drained dry, only a little amber was left pooling around the ice cubes. He wondered how long it would take for the stuff to work.

"What do you want, Krycek?" Skinner asked, pouring another round of scotch. If Krycek was here, then it could only mean another round of 'make Skinner dance to the Consortium's tunes'.

"Nothing in particular," Alex muttered, eyes taking in Skinner's tall muscular form. His black jeans were growing tighter by the minute and Skinner dressed in his full Assistant Director regalia was not helping matters.

"You always want something. What is it this time?" Skinner stopped and watched as Alex moved closer. The boy normally kept a safe distance, but now he was pressing into his personal space. The older man noticed that the ever-present palm pilot was conspicuously missing.

Alex stepped closer to his quarry. His brow crinkled in a worried frown as he wondered again how long before the pellet would take effect. And how would he know? Would Skinner suddenly pounce on him and tear his clothes off? He grinned at the thought.

Skinner looked over at Alex and growled, "Krycek, why are you pressing up against my leg?"

"Huh?" Alex replied, distracted by the way Skinner's suit jacket framed his broad shoulders. Damnit, Skinner wasn't responding at all. Maybe he had gone so long without sex, it no longer worked.

Skinner blinked. "Krycek."

Alex swallowed hard and purred. "Yes, Walter?"

"If you keep rubbing up against my leg, I'll beat you black and blue," he threatened as he slipped out of Krycek's reach and headed for the living room.

Alex couldn't help the insane grin that slipped across his face. "You promise?"

"What?" Skinner sputtered, his eyes wide with shock. Krycek bumped into him from behind.

Absently, Alex wondered if some of the pellet was somehow affecting him. He was starting to feel very, very warm. Then he remembered. Some time after shoving the pellet into the little gun, he had licked his fingers. Oops.

Alex pressed up against Skinner's back, shifting a little to feel the hard muscles of the other man's tight ass against him. Skinner frowned, turning abruptly and raising a hand swiftly to strike him.

Alex expected to get hit, or smacked, or punched in the gut. He didn't expect the hand that shot out to grab him by the scruff of the neck and yank him across the room. He was unceremoniously pulled down across Skinner's lap. Alex squirmed, wriggling a little as the mound of his rapidly hardening erection was rubbed across Skinner's thighs and then painfully trapped.

"I said," Skinner's voice repeated, eerily calm, "I'd beat you black and blue."

"Walter?" Alex said hopefully. "Are you going to spank me?"

"Yes," Skinner replied, and his hand descended in a sharp, brutal blow.

"Owowowowow!" Alex yelped as Skinner's hand met his bottom in a series of short, stinging whacks. He squirmed, uncomfortably aware of the hardness between his legs that moved against Skinner's thighs with the force of each blow.

"Are you done yet?" he demanded, getting red in the face. When Skinner had said he was going to spank him, he didn't think it would hurt so much.

"Are you black and blue yet?" Skinner countered.

"Huh?" Tears were starting to sting his eyes.

Rough hands seized him, one shoved into the flat of his back to keep him still, while the other yanked his pants down. Alex's eyes widened.

"Never figured you for the underwear type as tight as you wear those jeans, boy," Skinner remarked, his hand passing over the taut reddened cheeks.

Alex closed his eyes at the sensation of Skinner's hand moving over his bottom. It was a slight, erotic sensation. He wiggled in Skinner's lap, trying to press himself up against his leg more firmly.

"Stop that," Skinner said, swatting him again.

Alex yelped as his hand made contact with his already sore skin. Then Skinner's hand resumed the light stroking that sizzled over his tingling flesh.

"Well, you're not black and blue," Skinner informed him.

"Don't!" Alex blurted out, sensing Skinner raising his hand again.

Skinner paused.

"Isn't there anything else you want to do?" Alex demanded, desperately hoping the drug had kicked in by now, saving him from Skinner beating his bottom to a pulp.

"Anything?" Skinner repeated, in a peculiar tone.

"Yes, anything!" Alex almost yelled, frustrated. Skinner's spanking had only served somehow to increase the pressure in his groin, and now he was going out of his mind trying not to hump Skinner's leg.

"Anything," Skinner repeated once more, his normally gruff voice going soft and inquisitive.

Skinner's arms seized him firmly, flipping him over and picking him up. Alex could only wait, wide-eyed and breathless, as Skinner carried him across the room, up the stairs, into the master bedroom and dumped him on the bed, face down.

"Wait here," Skinner instructed, in a tone that brooked no arguments.

Alex nodded feebly into the comforter. Between the blistering pain searing his bottom, and the immensely throbbing hard-on grinding into the bed, he didn't think he could walk anyway. Alex blinked as something hard smacked into his back, and stayed there. It felt square, and actually, rather like a book.

"Walter?" Alex mumbled suspiciously, turning his head. "What's that?"

"A copy of the Kama Sutra," Skinner replied calmly, and Alex could feel his weight settling on the bed. A month ago, someone had anonymously sent him a copy of the Kama Sutra. The Gay Kama Sutra. He assumed it had been a joke. Maybe Mulder getting his jollies. He had studied the entire book thoroughly. He was pretty sure he could do most of that stuff.

"What?" Alex replied, trying to roll over. The copy he'd sent Skinner last month? Why was he getting that out now?

"You said I could do anything," Skinner frowned, and Alex could just barely see his face as he twisted, the book sliding off his back. Alex hissed as one sore buttock touched the bed, and hastily rolled back onto his stomach once more.

"I know I did. But what were you going to do, leaf through the damned thing while we went at it?"

Skinner blinked at him. "Actually..."

Alex groaned. "I can't believe this. You are so uptight. Honestly, you give a guy a copy of the Kama Sutra and all he knows how to do is read it." He blinked, and then clapped a hand to his mouth.

Skinner leaned down next to him, intense brown eyes boring into his. "You're the one who sent it?"

"Um...yeah," Alex gulped.


"Why do you think?" Alex snapped back reflexively, before he could stop himself. "Maybe I wanted you to use some of that on me."

Skinner just sat there for a moment, his gaze hardening, boring into Alex's eyes as if he could peer through them and glance around the inside contents of his skull. Oh shit, Alex thought uneasily. I've probably pissed him off now. What happened next was even more shocking than Skinner spanking him.

He kissed him.

Alex froze like a deer in headlights, staring into Skinner's half-closed brown eyes, then wondered if Skinner would take it badly if he started to hyperventilate. Then he closed his eyes, and let the kiss progress naturally. Skinner moved closer, hooking an arm around his waist and drawing him in. Just when Alex was starting to wonder if he should try to stick his tongue into Skinner's mouth he felt a wet, tentative swipe at his bottom lip. He parted his lips and Skinner slipped his tongue inside, feeling out the contours of his mouth.

A slight tremor went through Skinner's body and Alex felt a pang of concern. He was about to break away when Skinner pulled him taut against his body, inhaling sharply as he crushed his lips to Alex's as if he could draw out his very essence with the force of his kiss.

Alex was drowning. Only drowning never felt this good. He slid a hand up around Skinner's neck, stroking the smooth well-formed skull. Skinner's tongue moved against his slowly, almost teasingly, then quickened against the roof of his mouth in urgent undulations. Alex could've kissed him all afternoon.

Skinner had other ideas. He pulled away, his eyes half-opening into smoldering coals. Alex grinned at him. "That was nice," he began, "but if you..."

Skinner shoved a finger against his lips, his eyes hardening. "Shut up," he growled. Alex's eyes widened but he nodded.

Skinner pushed him down onto the bed, and Alex gasped, his whole body tensing as his sore butt came in contact with the surface. He winced at the pain, barely noticing as hands moved down the front of his shirt, unbuttoning it quickly, pulling it off. Then his eyes opened wide as he felt Skinner's mouth on his bare chest, closing over a nipple.

He moaned softly as Skinner moved further down, and a hand brushed between his legs. Skinner's tongue tickled his navel, teasing him, dipping inside, his mouth and lips working at the surrounding skin. His hand parted Alex's thighs and Alex just lay there basking in pure sensation as fingers began to tease upward, inward. Skinner, no Walter, he corrected his brain, bit and sucked at his skin, and his hand started to...

His hand stopped.

Alex lifted his head slightly as Walter's mouth disappeared as completely as his hand had. He looked down at Walter.

He was looking down at the Kama Sutra. The wayward hand had flipped the book open and he was scanning down one of the pages.

Alex scowled. "Walter, I'm going to kill you. Stop reading that book and finish what you started."


"Ow! Owowow... " Alex winced as Walter's monster cock invaded him. Why on earth had he thought this would be a good idea? He didn't know. Oh wait, he did know. He thought he'd get to be on top but Walter had almost backed out until he had finally volunteered to bottom.

"Quit whining," Walter scowled at him.

"Maybe if you'd start doing it right," Alex muttered.

"What was that?" Walter demanded, plunging forward. His weight settling on top of Alex.

"So help me god, you'd better not be done!" Alex nearly shrieked. "If you are, that was the worst fuck I've ever had!"

"Will you shut up," Walter commanded irritably, shifting inside of Alex. He began to move his hips in tight, rolling circles and Alex sighed, wiggling back against him. "This was all your idea, anyway."

"Well, yeah, but that was before."

"Shut up!" Walter cuffed the back of Alex's head. Alex squeaked in surprise, jerking forward and nearly knocking Walter off of him. Walter reached out and grasped Alex's hips firmly and yanked him back.

Both men fell silent as their hips started to move faster, and the only thing that could be heard was the soft slap-slap of their flesh meeting, over and over. After a long while, Alex started to moan, biting his lip as Walter's hand dug hard into his hip, the other one reaching to close on Alex's neglected shaft. Walter shoved himself urgently back and forth into Alex's tight passage, strokes losing their rhythm as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Alex uttered one last gasping cry as the world exploded in a shower of molten fireworks, and Walter thrust deeply into him, penis twitching as it pumped out his hot seed. Alex came all over the sheets and Walter's hand.

The men collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, and Walter gently pulled out of Alex. Alex wormed around, ignoring the pain that still streaked up from his sore bottom, and cuddled up next to Walter. The older man opened his eyes, scowled blackly, and then closed them. But his arms grabbed Alex, pulling him onto his chest and resting his head on the soft sable hair.

Five hours later...

Alex was humming happily as he ran his finger through the hair on Walter's chest. He watched Walter sleep a while. All in all, it had been a very satisfying mission, especially with Walter's surprising willingness to experiment.

Still, he was a little miffed and made plans to pay a certain dealer a visit later. He had after all guaranteed the aphrodisiac would last at least six hours.

The End


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